Jesus told Guza, "In the past you consecrated many homes to My dear Mother and to Myself and likewise I desire that the whole world be consecrated under the protection of the Lord God, My Father, who is reigning in Heaven, and under My protection and the protection of My Mother. That is, I desire that the whole world be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

Guza Mifsud (August 1995)

Prayers - Consecration to Our Lady


  • O Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, more than once, you have shown us your wish, that the whole world be consecrated to your Immaculate Heart. Moved by your wish, I prostrate myself at your feet today to consecrate my whole being to you.

    I give you my heart:
    Inflame it with a sincere love for your Son Jesus and for all men.

    I give you my mind:
    That you may raise my thoughts to heaven my homeland. Do not let the world's glitter or the wiles of the devil deceive me or make me forget the promises I made in Baptism.

    I give you my whole life:
    That I may be all yours; make of me a zealous apostle among those who have swerved away from the right path and are offending your Son Jesus with their sins.

    O Mary, most merciful and sweetest Mother, call everyone to the one true faith. Bring to nothing the devil's power and protect God's holy Church at all times.

    Bless the Pope and the Bishops who are one with him. Increase the number of holy priests and of those who will be willing to consecrate themselves to you generously and with a most loyal and sincere love.

    Finally, I beg you, O Mother, to keep under your protection both me and all men, so that after having lived our life consecrated to you here on earth, we will be made worthy to die a saintly death and enjoy eternal glory. Amen.

    Say three Hail Marys.

    Nihil obstat
    16 Nov. 1984
    Jos. Lupi
    Cens. Theol.

    die 16 Nov. 1984
    Can. C. Xuereb
    Vic. Gen.
About Us

The Movement of Our Lady of Consecration was founded by Guza Mifsud in 1987 mainly to spread devotion towards the new title “Our Lady of Consecration”. Notwithstanding Guza’s demise in 1996, the Committee still organises prayer meetings and is also always pleased to offer its assistance to those who visit the shrine at Girgenti and Guza’s house in Siggiewi, Malta.