Spiritual Will

"Up to the end, Guza waited with serenity the day, the moment in which the Lord would call her to Himself... She welcomed death with the greatest serenity. This is obvious because Guza had no attachments to the world. Saints have no attachments to the world because they leave nothing behind."

Mgr. Carmelo Xuereb (Vicar Emeritus)

Various Topics - Spiritual Will


  • This message which was read at Girgenti in November 1996, that is, during the first prayer meeting following Guza's death, has been described as her spiritual will. Guza had recorded this message a few months before her death:

    "Let us adore the Lord God the Father Almighty, let us adore Jesus our judge worthily and as He deserves... All of us must appear before Him while we are in our agony. Everyone will appear before Jesus our Judge because Jesus is the judge of every created being. Jesus gives each being all that he deserves for all that he underwent during his life, both spiritually, that is, when he used to think of Heaven his homeland, and even if not in spiritual matters, but in matters which make the soul look very ugly in His presence... Alas, who dies in mortal sin has no chance of salvation. It is true however, that there is always God's and the Blessed Mother's mercy, because the Blessed Virgin both in the past and even now, performed and is performing many spiritual things.

    However, now let us move on to that great spiritual belief, our awaiting the second coming of the Lord Jesus our Judge on earth. We saw Him undertake such a cruel passion on the road of Calvary, and die on that cross, and now we must see His holy and grand coming. Our blessed Jesus, our Judge, will come upon the most beautiful and majestic cloud. The person who, when he sees Him coming on a cloud, starts smiling will be glorified. We should greatly think about the glory of the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist.

    Jesus showed us great mercy in the Eucharist. He used many charitable acts to draw us closer to Him with faith, with love and with all that our strength permits. Wretched is he who draws away from Him in the Eucharist. However, now Jesus is coming from Heaven, His homeland and the homeland of the people of good-will. He is coming on the clouds in order to judge us, to judge the living and the dead... Personally, I do not need to think about that blessed time because death is upon me. However, we should prepare ourselves well for the sacred and great month that is coming, the month of November. In November, there is the feast of all the saints and then there is the feast of all the souls who are purifying themselves from their deeds and from their faults in order to go to Heaven. All these souls saw the Lord Jesus as the Judge who exercised justice upon them. Who knows how much mercy was shown both by Jesus and by His Mother Mary on these souls due to the devotion they showed towards the Blessed Virgin by means of the rosary and the mass. When they were alive they used to attend holy and marvellous masses by which they were sanctified. Who knows what good tidings did the Lord Jesus, the Judge of the souls in Purgatory, give them as a reward for those masses, especially when the priest consecrated the hosts and then they went to receive Holy Communion. Who knows how accurately they received the Eucharist! That is why the month of November is sacred, because it is the month of all the saints and the month of all the holy souls. This month is blessed for the holy souls because everyone prays for the souls in Purgatory...

    Therefore, friends, let us have the greatest courage, let us not heed anyone, let us only heed God Almighty who is our creator. Then we have the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist who redeemed us, He redeemed us by His passion and death, He redeemed us by His blood when He was crucified on the cross. What marvellous things did the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist do for the salvation of our souls! That is why the Lord God of Hosts when He raised Jesus from the dead on Easter Sunday and then took Him into Heaven body and soul, He gave Him the following instructions: 'Now You are in charge of the souls of the living and of the dead. You must be a just Judge of these souls, both of the good and of those who have led an idle life.'

    From my family, only my brother Carmelo is still alive. He is a Brother with the Jesuits, at Naxxar. I only have him left and he often tells me: 'Sister, let us pray for each other, let us pray for each other.' Now he has just attended his last retreat, I do not know whether it is his last, perhaps he will have other retreats. This time, he and his companions went to Gozo in order to attend this holy and blessed retreat. But he told me: 'I have thought much about you and about the souls of our dead relatives so that the Lord God would take them to Heaven, the place which the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist acquired for them by His sufferings and death.'

    I do not mind what people say, for me only the Three Divine Persons of the Holy Trinity together with what was performed by Our Lady of Life in the past and in the present, matters. For me only that counts. May everyone say what one wants about Guza. I believe in the power of the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist, in all that is brought to me by Him and by the Blessed Virgin so that I could record beautiful, precious and spiritual things on an audio cassette. As for everything else, I have no association with the world.

    Friends, let us think about God, let us think about our souls because we do not know when God will call us so that Jesus, the Blessed Jesus appears before us as a Judge to do justice and give us what we deserve, either good or evil. Our judgement would be glorious if we had lived a good life and it would be bad for those who, poor souls, did not want to live according to God's will, in accordance with the plans of the beloved Jesus who performed great things for us. Jesus came into the world, approximately two thousand years ago, to bring us peace...

    I say that it is shameful for those people who are not taking interest in this message... They are awaiting my departure from the world. I was leaving the world on Good Friday or Easter Saturday, but the Lord brought me back to life. That is why I am making every effort and I am doing my utmost to praise the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist whom we shall all see. I won't be alive because, God willing, I shall soon die. But it could be, that, who is still on earth will be very frightened when he sees Him coming, when he sees the second coming of Jesus on that great and beautiful cloud, surrounded by angels and saints, together with those four angels blowing the trumpets so that the dead will rise from their graves and who is befitting will ascend into Heaven, just as Christ ascended body and soul. These four angels who will come with the Lord Jesus, our Judge, must blow their trumpet in the four corners of the world.

    Friends, Jesus is now with all His mercy in all the tabernacles of the world, of my village of Siggiewi, of Malta and Gozo and of all the whole world. I will not mention further, because every tabernacle that there is in the missions, inspite of its poverty, it contains the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist. In these most distant villages and towns, the Lord Jesus is doing these things heartily, He is doing them with a sacrifice in order to stay with His children, with mankind. But there are many who do not know Him, who do not give Him a chance. Let us pray for them so that they approach the altar with adoration, willingly and with trust, because in all the altars of the world, wherever there is a Catholic, wherever there is a priest, there is the Eucharist.

    Now, patiently and mercifully, He Himself is calling us, He Himself is doing certain things so that we draw ourselves towards God's mercy and towards His mercy. When we shall see the Divine Judge coming from Heaven on a cloud which was prepared for Him by the Eternal Father so that He comes to judge the living and the dead, then it would be too late. I tell you that on that day, there would be many who would be pleased with Jesus when they will see Him coming on a cloud as a Judge, and there would be many who wouldn't want to meet His look...

    It is for this event that I am preparing you. Jesus is giving me all sorts of things to tell you and by which to prepare you. Let us prepare ourselves, all of us should get ready, you know! I do not know why there is all this indifference. I am doing my duty in all that I hear from the beloved Jesus in the Eucharist and the dear Blessed Virgin and through the strength which is being given to me by the Holy Spirit, otherwise I would not be able to convey the things that are being referred to me. I receive Holy Communion every day and for this I thank God, but I still cannot speak clearly. You will know about this after my death. Then you will know about the contacts I have had with the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist.

    I want to do God's will even if I only have a short time left or I have none left because it is taken away from me. Yet I want to do the will of God and of the beloved Jesus for all that He did for us in 1988 at Girgenti, when we had that marvellous phenomenon... I knew everything beforehand because that night Our Lady of Life had told me: 'Tomorrow go up to Girgenti because there will be magnificent things. They will be permitted by the Hand of Divine Providence.'

    There were great things and some other persons and myself saw the Eucharist. Only I know how much I love the Eucharist and how many marvellous things did the Eucharist perform for me. Every morning I say: 'Beloved Jesus, provide for my strength, sustain every breath that I take, nourish my love for You so that I urge others to look at You with affection in the Eucharist.' Therefore, let us adore Him, let us praise Him and let us bless the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist. I say so many simple and humble words when I have the Eucharist within me.

    I hear the blessed words of Jesus of the Eucharist... I hear these words splendidly and clearly. He gives me these messages so that I can refer them to others. Friends, let us zealously adore Almighty God and while we are still on earth let us adore with zeal and devotion the Lord Jesus present in all the tabernacles of the world. As I told you, let us adore Jesus our Judge, let us adore Jesus for the mercy He is showing us. There is nothing but mercy in the tabernacle. He summons us to become more holy and to fervently hear the holy mass which we should complete with Holy Communion.

    That is why we should tell the Lord God of Hosts: 'We praise You Lord, we proclaim You as our God and our Lord. O Eternal Father, all creatures honour You. You are honoured by the angels of Heaven, by all the saints and by the cherubims and the serafins who constantly bless You.'

    Now I am going to praise the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist. Jesus, I thank You for coming within me this morning and for giving me these holy words. I thank You for all that You have performed for me throughout my life because You did the greatest things for me. Lord Jesus, through Holy Communion You granted me great graces so that I can heartily and orderly spread the message You are giving me about the Eucharist. I want to urge sinners not to lose heart because You are waiting for them with all Your mercy when they approach You to receive You in Holy Communion. Lord Jesus, I thank You for all this.

    Now I want to thank Our Lady of Life for all that she has done for me throughout my life. I have lived for a long time, which time was given and lent to me by God the Father and supplemented by the Lord Jesus. Notwithstanding all my illnesses, yet I feel so much serenity descending upon me from Heaven...

    God the Father, mighty God, immortal God, my Jesus, forgiveness and mercy by the merits of Your sacred wounds. Lord Jesus, do not allow that the passion and the sufferings You underwent along the road of Calvary be useless for these people... Jesus of the Eucharist, I love You, I adore You. I fervently ask you that the illnesses I am suffering in this valley of tears will not be fruitless for me. I offer them with love for the needs of sinners and for the needs of the dying so that they would make a good death.

    Now I am going to pray for the needs of the missions. Who is wealthy, who has things to offer to the missions should make his offering. When I was better off and when I had some money, I used to offer it with resignation and with love to the missions. I do this even now, you know!... We must pray fervently for the needs of missionaries so that they continue to spread with zeal all that which made the Lord come into the world. They continue to spread His holy gospel. If possible, they should spread this gospel to the four corners of the world. We should greatly pray for the needs of missionaries so that God would fill them with courage and love... to unite as brothers and sisters those who are distant from God and everybody will believe in our Creator, in Our Lord. They will believe in Him who redeemed us, in Christ who redeemed us and wants to take us to the eternal pasture lands. When we pass away from this world, if we are in God's grace we will go to the eternal pasture lands like those sheep who are on fertile ground, grazing on green, beautiful, tasty and juicy grass. On earth we have nothing which is lovelier and greater than our soul... By the good deeds we perform, we gain a place in Heaven for our soul...

    When there is a soul which willingly abandons itself in God's hands... it need not fear the world, not even if there is someone intent to attack it, as some do to these persons who are spreading the teachings of Jesus in the gospel... Therefore, let us pray so that many people will place their trust in Jesus of the Eucharist and be converted. When they convert, they should not fear their enemies because the Eternal Father will be with them...

    We should pray for the living, for the needs of the living so that they draw closer to the Lord, and we should pray for the souls in Purgatory. Who knows how many souls there are in purgatory who have no one in the world to pray for them because all their acquaintances have died. Therefore, let us intercede for them by reciting the rosary, let us say it for those souls who do not have anyone to pray for them. Let us pray for the souls of priests, for abandoned souls and let us ask the Lord God, the Lord Jesus to fill our hearts with graces, joy and glory, so that we would be able to say powerful prayers, great prayers, spiritual prayers for everyone...

    Lord God have mercy on the souls of Purgatory, Lord Jesus have mercy on the souls of Purgatory. O Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, have mercy and be kind towards the souls in Purgatory, lessen the blazing flames which purify them, so that they ascend to Heaven. In Heaven, we cannot be stained with the dirt of sins because in Heaven there are many, many wonderful things.

    In the highest grade there is the Lord God of Hosts, then I shall mention the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit shows His mercy through the faith He gives to the souls on earth so that everyone draws close to the beloved Jesus. When Jesus was on earth, He promised the disciples that He would send the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Lord and this Spirit did come down. It descended on the Church, it descended on the Apostles and upon us. The Holy Spirit is much upon me because I tell Him: Thank You Holy Spirit, for the courage and the strong faith You are giving me and to all mankind, Maltese, Gozitans and foreigners. Lord God of Hosts, turn Your gaze upon me, cast Your gaze on mankind and on every creature in the world. Keep Your hands upon us and keep us always bound to Your holy will. And you, Mother of Mercy, Our Lady of Consecration, place each being in the road of God's providence, in the road of salvation and beloved Mother, present at Girgenti, make me, my companions in the Committee, my companions in the Movement, happy. Our Lady of Life wants the Movement to grow and we should enlarge it by having new members and by the love and peace we should feel towards each other.

    There should be an end to the hatred which we have in Malta and in the world and we should feel the peace that is being given to us by You, Lord Jesus in the Eucharist and by you, Blessed Mother, who wanted to be present at Girgenti. Grant us peace, grant peace to the Maltese and the Gozitans and to foreigners, Russians, Americans, Canadians, Australians, those who are not too far away from us, I am referring to the Libyans and the Italians. Let us pray for those places which are close to us and for those which are far away to God the Father, to the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist, together with the Holy Spirit so that the Holy Spirit would strengthen everyone with His gifts and with faith...

    Now let us greet the lovely Virgin Mary: Hail O beautiful Virgin Mary, Hail O flower of the greatest glory and beauty that there is in Heaven. We salute you because the Lord Jesus was born of you and He was nourished by you. Beloved Mother Mary, feed our souls with the grace of your Son Jesus, the divine meal of the Eucharist.' We should warmly salute the Blessed Virgin and tell her: 'Hail Mary... Holy Mary, Mother of God...

    Now let us have recourse to that beautiful prayer which the Lord Jesus taught us when He was on earth. Jesus said: 'I am going to teach you to pray in this way: 'Our Father who art in Heaven..."

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The Movement of Our Lady of Consecration was founded by Guza Mifsud in 1987 mainly to spread devotion towards the new title “Our Lady of Consecration”. Notwithstanding Guza’s demise in 1996, the Committee still organises prayer meetings and is also always pleased to offer its assistance to those who visit the shrine at Girgenti and Guza’s house in Siggiewi, Malta.