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During the February 1987 prayer meeting, Guza had said, "The real peace which will unite the whole world must start from Malta." Following the summit between Presidents George Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev held in Malta in December 1989, Eduard Shevardnadze who was the Soviet Foreign Minister claimed that, "The cold war was dumped in the warm waters of the Mediterranean.”

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  • Guza often stressed that we should not be egoistic in our prayers, but that we should pray for everybody since we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. In fact during her speeches and her prayers, Guza often mentioned several Heads of States and used to condemn wars and the killing and the cruelty inflicted on innocent beings.

    During the March 1988 prayer meeting, Guza said, "On Friday February 5, 1988, Our Lady inspired me from Heaven telling me, 'I realize these are difficult things for you to understand... however, I wish you could act as the prophet whom God ordered to predict the disaster that was about to befall the world. There are a few powerful and influential people who lack real wisdom... these foreign Presidents say they want to unite, speak about arms reduction. What they really need is not to unite or to reduce armaments but they should destroy all armaments...

    Daughter, in order to make you understand, these few men lacking real wisdom who act as powerful Presidents... do not in actual fact want to reduce armaments so that there would be peace, and so peace never comes. So much money going up in flames, burnt to ashes all at one with the ashes of bodies and victims of war... They are oppressing so many innocent people, guiltless, blameless who yet fall victim to death and destruction and must appear before the throne of God. I urge you to pray for these souls, especially those caught in the strife of civil war, who can't cope or find any solution... God created such a beautiful world and they are destroying and burning it...

    You people of good will in the small islands of Malta and Gozo, pray devoutly for these people so that God will hear their prayers, and they will listen to God. Because of such injustices, some great disaster may befall the world. God is truly saddened by this outrage against innocent people... These destroyers send victims to their death before their appointed time... But just as they abuse their victims, they will in turn fall victim to death, to their own corruption and the curse they attract on this world through these wars..."

    That same year, Guza sent letters containing a message of peace to several Presidents and Heads of States. These were: President Reagan of the U.S.A., President Gorbachev of the U.S.S.R. , Prime Minister of England, Thatcher; the Prime Minister of Israel, Shamir; Ayotallah Khomeini of Iran; Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Mengistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia and Jose Napoleon Duarte of El Salvador.

    Among other things she wrote: "...The Blessed Virgin does not want hatred. wars and bloodshed. She told me, 'My heart is aching when I see those innocent souls ascending before God, after being so harshly killed. God’s justice will be heavy with those people who are killing and molesting their brethren because God created a Paradise on earth and they are destroying it.' As such she told me to tell you to intervene between those countries which are in a state of war so that peace would reign again. Nobody benefits from war and destruction, all are losers."

    It is important to note that during the February 1987 prayer meeting, Guza had said, "the real peace which will unite the whole world must start from Malta." One then recalls that in December 1989, a summit between Presidents George Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev was held in Malta. During the prayer meeting held on December 3, 1989, the day of the summit, Guza said, "As I told you about a year and a half ago, peace must start from here... we have seen peace starting from Malta."

    On this occasion Guza sent a letter dated November 12, 1989 to both Presidents Bush and Gorbachev:

    "My dear brother in Christ, ...Our Lady told me, 'Now that your brother, Mikhail Gorbachev, President of the Soviet Union, is coming close to Malta, talk to him wholeheartedly and tell him that he can do much good for the world."

    I urge you to be of good cheer and to take courage so that God willing, peace starts from Malta. President Bush and yourself should continue with your efforts so that the true peace which is willed by God reigns throughout the world. Man should refrain from destroying the world, instead all should unite in God's love, all should live as brothers and sisters.

    I greatly wish that the Lord will further help you with this noble feat for the reduction of missiles and armaments so that the pain suffered by those who live in extreme poverty will be abated, fear annihilated and the innumerable deaths caused by war will cease...

    My dear brother in Christ, as proof of the love you have towards your brethren, work hard so that these destructive missiles which are sending so many people for their final reckoning before God’s tribunal would definitely cease to exist. When I saw Our Lady and she told me about the title, 'Our Lady of Consecration', she also said that she is Our Lady of Peace and that she wants to spread peace throughout the world. Her look is upon you and President Bush who as leaders of the two most powerful countries can bring peace in the world...

    Our Lady wants us to join hands, to greet each other and to love and respect one another. God does not want war. In fact, the Lady of Life told me, 'God created the world to be enjoyed by mankind, but man has destroyed the world, he uses it to harm others, his own brethren.'...

    May the meeting which you will soon be having with President Bush near Malta be fruitful and may Malta act as the spark which spreads love and peace throughout the world; true love and peace which will augment by Pope John Paul's II visit in May 1990... Your sister in Christ, Guza Mifsud"

    President George Bush acknowledged the receipt of the letter and sent Guza the following message: Thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate your special remembrance and send you my best wishes. George Bush.

    During the July 1990 prayer meeting, Guza said that besides the usual monthly gatherings, three penitential prayer meetings were to be held. "We need to pray, because unless the merciful God holds back His hands, we are going to have great trouble and terror, you know... I know where it shall be because Our Lady has enlightened me, but I won't be giving details. If I do, injustices will start again... These penitential meetings will be held so that the Lord God will direct His merciful look towards us and on the world, so that disasters and trouble may be avoided..."

    A few weeks later, on August 2, 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait and this led to the Gulf War. Once again Guza sent letters containing a message of peace to both Presidents Bush and Hussein.

    In her letter to President Bush, dated January 8, 1991, Guza stated: "...By virtue of your visit to Malta in December 1989, when you met President Gorbachev, it was revealed to me by Our Lady that peace started from Malta. My dear brother in Christ, I greatly wish that you take heed of this letter because it is very important.

    Last Sunday, January 6, 1991, the feast of the Epiphany when the Three Kings presented gold, myrrh and incense to Baby Jesus, I had a contact with Our Lady. That day she revealed that you must be an instrument of peace...

    With regards to President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Our Lady told me to pray fervently for him so that Our Lord will change his heart from one of steel into one of flesh capable to feel all that may trouble the world.

    Our Lady is deeply grieved because due to war, Jesus the Son of God, born for us through the intervention of the Holy Spirit is not shown the love He deserves. She told me that war brings about the death of the guilty as well as of many innocent persons...

    It is necessary that the devotion towards the Eucharist increases, not only in the small islands of Malta and Gozo but throughout the world, especially in your country, America, and also in Kuwait, the centre of all this trouble. We must pity President Hussein because he is not understanding God. If he did he would not have behaved thus with his brethren and invade the state of Kuwait. You are right in saying that he acted most inappropriately but on the other hand I must again tell you that Our Lady wants you to be an instrument to bring peace throughout the world...

    Disregard the ultimatum of January 15, it should not be extended up to the end of January but rather endless peace should reign instead."

    In her letter to President Saddam Hussein, Guza wrote: "...Last Sunday, that is January 6, 1991, we celebrated the feast of Epiphany... Presently the world is undergoing great bitterness similar to that which one of the Kings offered to Baby Jesus.

    In a vision which I had with Our Lady on that day, she urged me to pray for you so that your heart will feel the strong love Jesus had for us when He came into the world to grant us peace, for He came to give us peace not war...

    Our Lady instructed me to tell you that the war about to be fought in the Gulf as a result of your invasion in Kuwait does not please God. God wants to bless our wealth, our work and ourselves.

    Wholeheartedly I wish you peace and goodwill. Neither you nor anybody else should deal with war for in war nobody is victorious. Our Lady told me that in war all are losers, all the victims of war are our brethren.

    I greatly desire that harmony will reign upon you, that your conscience will be undisturbed, that you will have much peace of heart and that you will be an instrument of peace. If the teachings of the Catholic faith are unknown to you. no matter. Our Lady still loves and uses you... My dear brother in Christ, you must perform the will of God and that of Our Lady, that is, to bring tranquillity and peace even in the state of Kuwait which you invaded, for the people of Kuwait are your brethren too..."

    Unfortunately war broke out and many fell victims. On February 6, 1991, Guza sent another letter to both Presidents. She wrote:

    "During a revelation I had with the Blessed Virgin on Saturday 26th January 1991, she told me, 'Pray fervently for the Presidents of these nations so that they resolve to end this war, for if God will use His almighty hand, greater disasters will befall the world... Presently the world is undergoing great sufferings. Even my heart is enduring great pain similar to that when My son Jesus went up to Calvary to end His life on the cross. Smoke and fire are everywhere endangering God’s, creation.'

    In another contact I had with the Holy Mother on Sunday 3rd February, 1991, at about 9.00a.m., with tears in her eyes, she told me that we should show great respect towards the Holy Eucharist, towards that living jewel brought down to us by God from Heaven. We should respect everything and everybody but above all we must be careful not to offend the Holy Eucharist because I was made aware by the Blessed Virgin that even in Iraq there are tabernacles containing the Eucharist...

    Tearfully and with a broken heart, caused by all that is happening around us, I beg everyone to soften one's heart so that these sufferings through which the world is presently passing will be set aside, peace will be quickly resumed and these deaths occurring haphazardly will cease...

    During these three weeks of war many people were killed; the good suffer with the wicked. These thousands of people who were killed will never return. We should strive for peace and not extend this plague. These bombs fired from either side are descending on human beings like us, who like us are made of flesh and blood, who have a soul and a heart which has feelings like ours. Numerous children and aged persons are weeping. Many children are terrified when they hear the bombs exploding, many do not know what has happened to their parents, many are orphans. Many women have lost their husbands and many men became widowers.

    We should refrain from destroying the world and the elements of nature which God created. In a vision granted to me by the Holy Mother I saw the sea black with oil. Even innocent animals are being destroyed. These creatures have never offended God, and they should be pitied because their sufferings result from the sins committed by mankind. Many of the marvellous things created by God are being destroyed...

    We must remember that we all have to face God's justice. Just like these people who are being killed by this war, we must likewise appear before God to account for our behaviour. All that is improper to our brethren is likewise considered improper on us and all that is good for our brethren is good for us. We are weighed by the same scales with which we weigh others... May we treat each other in a human way, we are all God's image for all of us have a soul, so that when we die we may enjoy God's presence in Heaven for ever and ever..."

    Although emphasis was here put on the Gulf War, yet Guza condemned all wars and strife. She condemned all types of violence and insisted that everyone should work for the achievement of true peace, the peace that comes from God.

    Further information may be obtained from the series of books entitled 'The Founding of a New Titular'.

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The Movement of Our Lady of Consecration was founded by Guza Mifsud in 1987 mainly to spread devotion towards the new title “Our Lady of Consecration”. Notwithstanding Guza’s demise in 1996, the Committee still organises prayer meetings and is also always pleased to offer its assistance to those who visit the shrine at Girgenti and Guza’s house in Siggiewi, Malta.