"My daughter, I tell you that no one knows about the great benefits which took place in many souls who were distant from the Lord and Jesus, since the day you erected my statue at Girgenti... This is known by the Lord, by Jesus and by myself. Great miracles were performed among many souls..."

The Blessed Virgin to Guza Mifsud (April 1988)

Various Topics - Blessed Virgin's Requests



  • Two main themes which result from the Girgenti message are love and peace: our love towards the Three Divine Persons of the Holy Trinity, the Blessed Virgin and all in Heaven and brotherly love since we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. In this message one also finds a condemnation for hatred, blasphemy, the killing of innocent people both by wars and abortion, a condemnation for sins committed against holy purity, for lack of faith and for the contempt received by Jesus especially during the black mass.

    In this message we also find an appeal not to be selfish in our prayers, to strive for the true peace which can only be granted by God, to offer our sufferings and illnesses for the needs of the world and for the conversion of sinners, to appreciate the suffering Christ endured for us and to thank Him for leaving us Himself in the Holy Eucharist.

    Besides, Guza claims that the Blessed Virgin had asked her to spread devotion towards the new title 'Our Lady of Consecration'. According to Guza, the Holy Mother had told her, 'I was consecrated from when I was still a child, nobody on earth has ever given me this title, but it pleased me to bring it down to you myself so that you will tell them about it'. Therefore, each one of us must consecrate himself/herself to God, we should offer ourselves fully to God so that by our actions we gratify and glorify the Three Divine Persons of the Holy Trinity.

    In addition to the above pleas, other requests included:


    Guza claimed that it was on the Blessed Virgin's request that a statue be placed at Girgenti. She said, "Our Lady told me, 'My child, I want you to make a statue of me here and in the future I want this place to become a second Lourdes.' In February 1987, Guza said that if the statue of the Blessed Virgin had not been placed at Girgenti on May 5, 1986, a few seconds after midnight there would have been an earthquake in Malta so strong, that it would have been felt by nearly half the countries of the world.

    In fact in a message recorded by Guza in 1987, she recounts that Our Lady told her, "My daughter, for the love of the Lord I thank you for all the enormous sufferings you have endured since the fifties. You carefully accepted the inspirations I brought you from the Holy City of God throughout the times, both in your poor house where you saw me the first time and then in the valley of Girgenti where I told you to make my image and to build a church. This church will be built because what is willed by God cannot be hindered by anyone. God's words will come to pass and no one else's, only His. You know that when you had my statue erected you encountered many problems but notwithstanding all these problems, you had my statue erected with great courage and enthusiasm. I did not even give you the chance to know about these problems so that they would not confuse you and you would not get worried. During those times you had much opposition but no one could do you anything because I was in the midst and I told you: "My daughter do not worry because what has been predestined by God and is being delivered by me will be accomplished and no one can oppose it."

    I had told you that if you did not have my statue erected on the day I predestined, then after midnight there would have been much trouble. This trouble was not trivial. It was very terrible because nearly half the world would have felt it. However, you worked hard and did your utmost, and you heartily had the statue I requested placed at Girgenti. The Blessed Virgin comes first and foremost for you. It's God's will that I have delivered this great and delicate message to you. It does not matter that there are a few, which may be counted on your fingers, who oppose you because these do not count anything before God since no one can put aside what is willed by God."...

    Interesting to note that when Guza was asked whether she had the necessary civil and ecclesiastical permits to have the statue erected, she replied, "I had the permission of Our Lady."

    As stated earlier, the statue made by the Maltese sculptor, Anton Agius, was placed at Girgenti on May 5, 1986. It was imaged on Guza's painting of Our Lady of Girgenti.

    At around 5.30p.m. the statue was carried from Guza's house and loaded onto a car and reached the bridge at Girgenti at about 6.00p.m. At this point the statue was unloaded and carried on the shoulders by four men while the multitude of persons present followed reciting the rosary.

    When the statue was placed on its pedestal it was blessed by Rev. Fr. Anton Gauci.

    In 1991, an unauthorised person painted the statue with oil-based paint. The dress was painted white and the mantle light blue. By time the numerous layers of paint detracted from its artistic value and in 2021, the Committee decided to professionally remove all the paint and restore the statue to its original state.


    During the May 1988 prayer meeting, Guza said that the Blessed Mother had told her, "Daughter, there I want water," and Guza replied, "But how am I going to get the water?" Guza claims that the Blessed Virgin told her, "If you obey and do as I tell you, almost everything would have been accomplished at Girgenti."

    Guza continued, "This water has been given us as a source of spiritual and temporal grace, both locally and abroad... In this trough we must immerse our hands, especially those, let us not be touchy, who have abandoned God's ways. Let us pray that when they touch this water they will feel the true grace of God, touch God's grace with their hands... many, many spiritual graces are being granted."

    Guza added, "Holy Mother, in the name of these, my brothers and sisters, here present, who are now hearing the splashing of water, grant that God will sanctify it, Jesus bless it, and the Holy Spirit confer all spiritual gifts on this water such that whoever drinks of it will be cured. Our Lady told me many people will be converted — they will come here at night, unseen by anybody, drink this water and see the light of God's grace."

    Then Guza poured some water she had brought with her and which, as she said, had been touched by Our Lady, and then the water was blessed by Mgr. Buontempo.

    Many graces, spiritual and physical have been received through the use of this water.


    In a message recorded by Guza in 1988, she said, "What I am about to tell you has been said to me by the Blessed Virgin both in the past and even during that holy night of the second day of the month of April. As I told you, it is a great wish of the Virgin Mary that the church (at Girgenti) would be built as soon as possible, to be of service both to us Maltese and Gozitans and even to foreigners. This is the first request from those which have been asked of me by the Blessed Virgin because there are many other things in this message which should be fulfilled. However, today I will not speak further about this message.

    Our Lady told me: "The Maltese are not aware of the precious jewel there is up here, in this place where you are speaking and where I have reserved for myself. This place is a great diamond for your country because besides the fulfilment of all that I have told you and all that I have inspired you about, it would also be a great tourist attraction. It will be a place greatly favoured by tourists who will visit your islands. Many foreign priests will come to adore the Lord, to show devotion towards Heaven and myself for all that I have done while delivering this blessed message.

    The message will soon reach its end. It is being felt by everyone. Notwithstanding the many obstacles you are encountering from all sides, do not fear, do not lose heart. The Lord and I are with you so that you will encourage yourself and you will strive to fulfil all that I have told you throughout the times, the inspirations I brought to you from God's holy city. The church should be built and it should not take long because time is passing. It is time that the building of the church starts and it should start as soon as possible. As I told you, the church should be reserved for the Lord, for Jesus, the Holy Spirit, for me, that is, the Blessed Virgin, my divine spouse Saint Joseph and the rest of Heaven so that, all of Heaven would receive the greatest praise from up here.

    Those who came up here in the past and those who are coming up here in the present are doing great sacrifices both for themselves and for the world, but Heaven will reward them for this. My daughter, I want the church to be very humble, plain, bare of any thing which attracts the eyes. What should attract the eye should be the great praise to God and to His adorable Heaven which ascends from here. This place should be kept clean from all that is recommended by the world for its false pleasures. The minds, thoughts and the tongues of those who visit here should be kept clean. This place should be greatly reserved to honour, glorify and worship the Lord. My daughter, take courage because by the courage you had in the past, before the fifties, in the fifties and the courage you have in the present time, much good has been accomplished. Perhaps people are not seeing this good, especially the good in souls. Many people have found their peace because they have found the conversion of their soul, they have become one with God..."


    During the September 1989 prayer meeting, Guza went up to Girgenti wearing a black dress with the letters M. G. S. M. G. embroidered on the pocket. (In Maltese) These stand for Lord God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Our Lady and Saint Joseph.

    That day Guza said that Our Lady had told her, "You shall be the first Mother Superior of Our Lady of Consecration because you need to organize the sisterhood so that when the church is built is won't be open only occasionally. The church must be open and must remain open and you sisters, must be around when Maltese, Gozitans and foreigners go up to Girgenti... There will be nuns from the four corners of the world... You must help everybody and consider no one as your enemy. You must work in unity, be at peace with everybody, just as you have done throughout your life. Daughter, you shall die wearing the religious habit as Emvin Busuttil, the priest who lived under the same roof as your brother, had foretold."...

    Guza took her perpetual vows in November 1994. She then asked for a copybook and wrote: "Today November 6, in accordance with Our Lady's instructions I take my last perpetual vows. Guza Mifsud."

    Before the Rev. Fr. Nazzaren Tonna blessed the veils, etc, the rules for the Sisters of Our Lady of Consecration were read out... These rules were printed on the holy pictures that were distributed on that day. One of these rules provides that: "As Sisters we must have great love towards the Lord God, a great love for Jesus of the Eucharist, a great love towards the Holy Spirit to arouse our faith, the faith of the Maltese and the Gozitans and of the whole world especially that of the representatives of states. We must have great veneration towards Our Lady and allow her to use us for all and among all."...


    During the May 1992 prayer meeting which coincided with the sixth anniversary of the erection of Our Lady's statue in the field at Girgenti, a large wooden cross was also raised and blessed as Our Lady had directed.

    After praising the Lord and Our Lady and after praying for the needs of all those present and for all the world, Guza exclaimed, "O holy cross, comfort of the afflicted, we truly expect that Malta and Gozo and all the world be comforted and consoled, and that we will receive God's blessing because above all that is what we want, that we have peace of heart...

    Friends, we must all carry our share from that cross... We must be patient when we encounter the cross and not give vent to blasphemy, or speak out against God and Jesus in the Eucharist. Jesus loves us so much that He left us His holy and blessed self in the Eucharist..."

    Guza then said that whoever goes up to Girgenti makes a sacrifice. "My dears, everyone makes this sacrifice for one's own benefit. The more we suffer, the more we undergo hardship, the more injustices we receive, the greater will God's reward be in the other world. Today or tomorrow we must leave this world. Whom will we meet then? We will meet Our Lord God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit... Our redemption is found in that sacred wooden cross."


    Towards the end of the November 1992 prayer meeting Guza referred to the benefactor who donated three hundred Maltese Liri so that a bell be placed at Girgenti. He urged her, "Hasten to have that bell fixed so that its ringing may praise the Lord God of Hosts, Our Lady and the saints in heaven... With my tongue I greatly abused Our Lady and now I want to atone for my deeds through this bell.... That bell must make up for some of my impious words and blasphemy."'

    Guza added that in a contact she had with Our Lady she was assured that, "'Nothing happens by accident. Neither was this offering for a bell at Girgenti accidental.' Every time we come up to Girgenti, it is Our Lady's wish that the bell be tolled five times: three tolls in honour of the three persons of the Most Holy Trinity, one for the Blessed Virgin and one for her divine spouse Saint Joseph and in praise to Heaven. Our Lady told me to have it done. We shall not wait for the church to be constructed. Let them give us approval when they want, we are happy... because Our Lady assured me that the field at Girgenti has for long been transformed into a Church..."


    Guza first spoke about this statue in the 1990s. During the Committee meeting held on January 20, 1993 she said that a statue depicting Christ's sufferings must be placed at Girgenti. According to Guza, when in the fifties and before she used to meditate the Way of the Cross at Girgenti, she had several visions of Jesus suffering. She claims that during Holy Week of 1994, Jesus told her: "Have the statue I requested representing My suffering, placed at Girgenti, as soon as possible, so that you will spread devotion towards me." The statue was made by Mr. Andrew Bugeja and blessed at Girgenti on June 7, 2009 by Monsignor Adeodato Micallef (Bishop Emeritus of Kuwait). Mr. Frederick Lindsay and his wife Mrs. Margaret Morgan, Lord and Lady of Kenfig from Wales, paid all expenses incurred in the making of the statue. Unfortunately, due to damage caused by the weather, the statue had to be replaced. The new statue was made by Mr. Clive Busuttil and blessed by Fr. Juan De Bono ocd during the May 2017 prayer meeting. The previous statue was placed at Guza’s house in Siggiewi. Unfortunately, the second statue was found burnt on October 16, 2022. The cause appears to have been accidental. However, on September 21, 2023 a new statue made and donated by Indri Attard was blessed by the Siggiewi Archpriest, Fr. Josef Mifsud.

    Further information may be obtained from the series of books entitled 'The Founding of a New Titular'.

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The Movement of Our Lady of Consecration was founded by Guza Mifsud in 1987 mainly to spread devotion towards the new title “Our Lady of Consecration”. Notwithstanding Guza’s demise in 1996, the Committee still organises prayer meetings and is also always pleased to offer its assistance to those who visit the shrine at Girgenti and Guza’s house in Siggiewi, Malta.