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"For me, Jesus of the Eucharist is life, every breath that I take, every step, every movement that I make. I do not say that Jesus is the Prince of peace of the world only, but he is also my Prince, the Prince of love, the Prince of peace who helps me to be at peace and serene within me."

Guza Mifsud (January 1995)

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  • On June 2, 1988, the messages which Guza claimed to be receiving from Heaven evolved further. Guza relates that on that day Fr. Daniel Farrugia was celebrating mass at her house. During the consecration she saw marvellous things in the Host and told the priest, "Father, please hold up the Host because in that Host I see something marvellous. I can see Jesus suffering, suffering very much...' I saw Jesus crowned with thorns, blood streaming down His face telling me, '…I am being despised so often by people who receive Holy Communion unworthily and even more by those who blaspheme against the Host... I loved man so much but now many whose heart is dry, hard, of steel, speak against the Eucharist, receive it unworthily. I must mention the receiving of the Host in the hands, often with sacrilegious hands. They do everything even kill their own brothers. The Host which the priest gives them is being used for the black mass, the devil's mass, exploited by the devil, causing so much harm among youths the world over.

    I urge you to spread devotion towards what happened in this poor little house where you frequently have contact with My mother and yours, this noble creature whom God and I love so much, and through whose help you have shown so much courage, fearing nobody in spreading the message of your Holy Mother, as desired by God and Me... To the mission entrusted God entrusted to you through My Holy Mother, you must now add the devotion to the Blessed Host, the Divine Host..."

    Guza was very worried because she feared that she was not able to fulfil her duty towards the Eucharist, but facts proved otherwise. Up to that day she frequently mentioned the greatness of the Eucharist but from that day onwards one can say that the Eucharist was the main theme of every message she delivered. Whoever was present during the Girgenti prayer meetings surely remembers the enthusiasm, the sweetness and the love with which she spoke about this great sacrament.

    In a message which Guza had prepared for the June 1988 prayer meeting, she states the following: "Why doesn't every Maltese and Gozitan frequent Jesus in the Eucharist and if possible receive Holy Communion daily to keep himself in God's grace?... During this month of June we should think about the Holy Eucharist. We should be very active, we should have much love towards the holy and beautiful nest of Jesus of the Eucharist. This nest is the holy tabernacle of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

    My dear brothers and sisters, let us be very, very pure. We should keep our tongue clean, our mind should be holy in order to think much more about Jesus who loved us so much in the Eucharist. Therefore, before receiving Holy Communion, we should see that we hate no one. We should heartily love everyone so that in our country there would no longer exist this hatred which is making us regress rather than improve in our spiritual life, in our soul.

    Therefore, with all my love, I will tell you all that Our Lady of Life told me for the holy month of June. During the blessed night of the 29th May, Our Lady of Life told me certain things so that I may speak to you more precisely about the Eucharist and about the love the Blessed Virgin had for Jesus. How much did she love the kind Jesus when she brought Him forth into the world! We should love Jesus in the Eucharist as much as He was loved by our beloved mother, Mary Most Holy, when she was on earth.

    During this night she told me that in the month of June I should speak much about the great love and the attraction we should have towards the Eucharist. The Eucharist wants us to be good people whom the Provident Hand of God uses to deliver to others this great devotion. We should not act as many of our brethren, Maltese and Gozitan, who do not take heed of the Eucharist. I am also speaking on behalf of our brothers and sisters beyond our shores and who act so wickedly towards Jesus who loved us so much that He is present in all the tabernacles of the world.

    The Blessed Virgin desires that when we enter a church we don't keep chattering before Jesus who sees us and hears us. We should remember that in the tabernacle, Jesus is alive in that holy and divine Host. Our Lady requests that when we pass close to an altar we make a genuflection to Jesus who is with great love present in the tabernacles of our small islands of Malta and Gozo for our worship. She also desires that God forbid, we do not receive the Eucharist when we are stained by some sin, both mortal and even venial sins. As much as possible, we should keep away even from minor or venial sins, because she said that when Jesus of the Eucharist enters a soul, He would like to find a beautiful garden filled with many good and spiritual things.

    Our Lady told me that those people who, God forbid, have fallen into mortal sin should not receive the Eucharist before they previously approach a priest... Jesus is not pleased when we receive Holy Communion while in a state of mortal sin... When we see these stains in our conscience and in our soul, we should approach a priest in order to confess them and remove them by the absolution given by the priest.

    The Blessed Virgin desires that in this month of June and in the following months we keep in mind the Sacred Heart, the heart which was so full of sorrow on the cross when Jesus suffered the passion and a terribly cruel death for the sake of the whole of humanity. We should appreciate the love of Christ our Saviour. We should not only receive the Eucharist weekly or during the month of June but we should be very, very courageous, so that if possible, we receive the Eucharist... in all the months of the year.

    Our Lady wants us to be Eucharistic people. She wants us to receive the Eucharist at all times so that the true love desired by the Lord through His Son Jesus whom He sent on earth because of the love He had for us, will be very distinct in us. We should love the Eucharist and bring it to mind at every moment in time. We should always keep in mind that we are united to the Lord and to Jesus of the Eucharist, not only at the time of Holy Communion, but in all times, all through the day, in our sufferings, in our work, in our sorrow, in our grief, in our illnesses, in our problems, in all that crops up during the day, during the week, during the month and during the whole year."

    In another message, Guza declares that, "I heard the beloved Jesus telling me: 'My daughter, have courage, be bold, increase greatly the devotion towards Jesus of the Eucharist as I am telling you because many people are showing Me great disrespect in the Eucharist. Such disrespect is also being shown by some souls who are consecrated to Me and who think that they are fulfilling their duties. However, due to their behaviour, due to the bad examples they give both in the way they dress and by their evil conduct, they are not fulfilling their important duties at all. In the morning they cherish the mass as true Catholic priests but then after mass they behave as they please, they do all that their minds dictate. From these souls consecrated to the Lord and to Myself, that is priests, you only have a few in your small islands of Malta and Gozo, but I tell you that extensive abuse is being performed by them. They think that they are rendering all their service to the Lord but they are not rendering a good service to the Lord at all, because they only do so up to when they say mass and then everything ends. After taking off the holy vestments of the mass, they wear what they please. There is no sign upon them which shows that they are priests and they even keep company with whom they desire. It is necessary that there is great seriousness in these people...'"

    In a message which Guza recorded on June 24, 1994, she says that, "Today I had a very, very great vision about Jesus of the Eucharist. It had nothing to do with material and earthly things because this vision was from Heaven. In this vision Heaven opened, I saw Jesus of the Eucharist and many lovely angels with incense in their hands adoring Him. See what a great love we should have towards the Eucharist.

    I saw a multitude, thousands of angels who were prostrate adoring Jesus of the Eucharist. I cannot explain their clothing. Some wore white, some were clothed in a very lovely green colour, some wore a lovely light blue, some wore light pink, they were divine youths. I tell you that the worn out stones I have in my house were transformed into extremely lovely things. During the vision, I do not see the stones worn out, they shine, I have light everywhere, and I have brightness everywhere. Tonight I saw many rays of light everywhere, lovely rays of silver descending from Heaven. Today the Eucharist was special, I saw the Eucharist nearly as when I see it at Girgenti, or rather I saw it more lovely than when I see it at Girgenti because today I saw many divine youths from God's holy city giving proper adoration to the Eucharist: they had incense in their hands, they stood on their knees and with their head lowered, with their divine body, adoring Jesus of the Eucharist..."

    However, besides these lovely visions, Guza claimed to have had hideous visions during which she saw the disrespect shown to the Eucharist. In fact in many of her speeches she used to condemn the black mass.

    During the November 13, 1991, prayer meeting, she said that she had organised this meeting "in atonement for that macabre ritual (the black mass) about to be held in our islands and in four other countries... 0 God Father, I accept the divine wounds for the remission of the sins that will be committed tonight through such macabre deeds. It's a great shame, my dear brothers and sisters, that such a heresy against the Eucharist should take place amongst us Maltese... Jesus in the Eucharist did so much for us! He left His Father's glory in heaven, suffered such a Passion and prepared for us a place in heaven, and this notwithstanding there are some amongst us who make good Jesus undergo the passion again...

    But I tell you, friends, that it is not just me who should defend Malta against satanism, against these devilish persons, against this devil who is drawing out such evil from Hell and dispersing it not just in Malta but throughout the world. Now we who are in Malta and are aware of these macabre rituals, should take courage, become brave warriors for Jesus in the Eucharist and annihilate such evil and devilish deeds...

    I am sorry to say that even Maltese persons are indulging in these obscene, macabre and ugly practices. They abuse the Eucharist, I do not even want to mention such revolting practices. It's so shameful to speak about these things,... such revolting acts, they make you sick... I had a vision, granted to me by Our Lady, I do not even want to mention how many horrible acts are perpetrated."

    During the August 1987 meeting, Guza held that, "We should be ashamed to have to admit that in Malta even the black mass is celebrated... I grieve that in Malta, in hiding and underground, the black mass is said... During the offertory they adopt an ugly pose, it was revealed to me in a vision, frightful, horrifying, it chills your spine to see a priest and those around him, I can't tell you anymore... Satan is working hard to win us over... he's doing his utmost to swallow Malta, but will not be allowed to do so, because... Our Lady will save us..."

    During the December 1987 prayer meeting, Guza states that the Blessed Virgin advises the following: "The Lord will help those persons of good will who follow the path you have sketched out for them, to get them closer to God through Holy Communion. Communion must be received worthily with a pure heart and good intention if it is to bear fruit. Indeed, unless people refrain from blasphemy, hatred, scandalous deeds and bad example, they cannot receive Communion and through it attain peace - for the hearts that harbour and reflect such bad actions cannot live in peace. They will feel remorse, remorse and trouble leading them along the evil road of the enemy, Satan, whose intention is to drag them to the flames of hell.

    For Holy Communion to be received worthily and for them to reap spiritual benefit, they must have right thoughts and feelings towards God as well as towards their neighbours. As far as possible, obey the ten commandments, to love and not to hate, to promote love among families rather than separation, to promote allegiance to successors of the Church..."

    In another message Guza says that the Blessed Virgin told her, "The sacrament of Holy Communion should be shown every respect and Holy Communion should not be received carelessly. He who receives Holy Communion must be in a position to receive a lot of spiritual benefits, a great deal of benefit in atonement for his sins, in atonement for the sins of his brethren who are living without God, who are living distant from God, they are living afar from the beliefs taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ when He was on earth."

    Finally, may we say like Guza that, "For me Jesus of the Eucharist is life, every breath that I take, every step that I make, every movement that I make. I don't say that Jesus of the Eucharist is the Prince of peace of the world only, but He is also my Prince, the Prince of love, the Prince of peace who helps me to be at peace and serene within me..."

    Further information may be obtained from the series of books entitled 'The Founding of a New Titular'.

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The Movement of Our Lady of Consecration was founded by Guza Mifsud in 1987 mainly to spread devotion towards the new title “Our Lady of Consecration”. Notwithstanding Guza’s demise in 1996, the Committee still organises prayer meetings and is also always pleased to offer its assistance to those who visit the shrine at Girgenti and Guza’s house in Siggiewi, Malta.