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"We should reflect in penance on the sufferings of Christ and tell Him, 'Jesus we thank You. We adore You Jesus and bless You because by that cross, those nails and that crown of thorns it pleased You to redeem every being that so far has come into the world and still has to come.'"

Guza Mifsud (March 17, 1996)

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  • Guza Mifsud frequently spoke about Christ's passion. One can safely say that during each prayer meeting she reminded the crowd of Christ's love for us when He underwent such a harsh passion to redeem us. She used to urge the congregation to meditate on the passion in order to appreciate what Christ did for us after He left us Himself in the Eucharist.

    In a message recorded by Guza on March 28, 1991, she said, "Jesus, how kind You are, how merciful that You willed to give Yourself into the hands of Your enemies to suffer all the way from Pilate to Calvary. You offered yourself as victim before the Eternal God the Father, Your father and mine and everybody else's for the remission of the sins committed since the creation of the world. You so loved these very same enemies that You showed them Your wonders, wrought miracles for them. But what I can understand today from what You're telling me is that You so loved mankind that You offered up everything, passion and death, for his salvation. You suffered greatly since when Your dear mother, and ours, brought You into the world till when You were thirty three years old, at the prime of Your youth.

    During the last three years You shared the wisdom the Lord God had entrusted You with. During those years You taught the world a great deal. Yours was the greatest mission the world has ever seen. Then You had to suffer this cruel passion. It is true that You prayed God to ward off this bitter chalice, but You also prayed that His will be done.

    And His will was that You should suffer till You shed the very last drop of blood, to undergo the cruel bitter passion which started on Palm Sunday. I know well that great was the suffering You underwent for me, for those of good will and for all sinners, brothers and sisters.

    Since Palm Sunday till today, Maundy Thursday, I have walked in step with the holy passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ... At midnight I had a vision of Jesus. I met Jesus suffering under the weight of the Cross, crowned with thorns, the Cross lacerating His shoulder, blood dripping from His head and when His eyes met mine, I was heart-broken to behold His holy and merciful look...

    When I heard Him say, 'Daughter, I could not do anything greater than I did on this holy and precious night when I also left you this living and divine miracle of the Eucharist,' you cannot imagine what I felt. I felt the divine Jesus, the suffering Jesus, my pulse beating with my heart in rhythm with the divine and kind heart of Jesus... I tell you that the divine eyes of Jesus penetrated my heart, pierced my heart because that divine look meant a great deal to me.

    Jesus told me, '...Together with the devotions you have been spreading, I want you to help spread the devotion towards the Eucharist... make them understand that in the Blessed Host I am present body and soul, with the Divinity given to Me by My Father for all that I have done since My coming till the day I underwent such a cruel passion... Let me tell you daughter, that up to this day there are still people around Israel, where there has recently been that war... there are still people very like those who crucified Me. So they pierced my heart with a lance. There are many who believed, and there are many who still do not believe the purpose for which I came..."

    During the April 1989 meeting, Guza stated as follows, "... And then the day of suffering which Jesus had to undergo began. The night was terrible for Jesus whom I saw leaving Pilate's palace. His feet were covered with blood and He left spots on the stairs as He descended.

    When I saw them beating Him, punching Him, I can't explain how my heart ached... I saw Jesus directly... not a statue, nor printed upon a stone... but a divine person coming from Heaven, a person who suffered greatly, a person who wouldn't have been able to withstand such pain if He were not truly the son of God...

    On Friday, I was in an agony of pain... I felt like a person scalded in boiling oil. It was so painful... My leg was as black as coal. Then I prayed to Jesus, asking, 'But is my leg going to remain like this?' And He answered, 'I have allowed it so that you can suffer even more... You must suffer for the sins of your parish, your island... Today being Good Friday, everybody follows the statues representing the suffering I endured during My passion. A week ago it was the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, everybody in procession following the statue of My sorrowful Mother, a good thing, but never believe that all those taking part in the procession were genuinely repentant. There were some who during the procession itself, were plotting against others, how to trouble others... Everywhere there exists nothing but hatred, trouble and strife.

    What saddened Me most... was the fact that I did so much good to My brothers, I brought the dead back to life, healed so many sick people and they repaid Me in this manner... with the crown of thorns... and the scourging. Soon you shall see another heart-breaking vision.'

    And this vision truly made me weep... When it was time they ordered Him, 'Stretch out on the cross so that we can nail Your hands and feet.'... Jesus suffered most in His left arm which carried the cross, and on His right leg which bore the weight. Then some veins were torn asunder... Jesus told me, 'But I ... suffered mostly through the crown of thorns... in atonement for those who are about to avenge themselves on this or the other person, for those who are full of hatred for their brethren... planning murder, for those leaders who are planning war...'

    Then in that vision, I saw five persons who were tearing off that blessed tunic stuck to His wounds, His blood... About that garment Jesus told me many things. He said, 'I'm suffering all this in reparation for those who sin against holy purity and chastity... Tell them how much I suffered when they undressed Me.'

    Never imagine that they showed respect towards Jesus in any way, that loin-cloth was added on by the Church... Even the worst criminal never did undergo such a passion... This was the Son of God, the Divine Son who came into this world to redeem us, to save us from the gates of hell. He told me, 'Daughter, many are going to hell not only because they are unbelievers but because they despise My passion and wound My Father's heart... It is seeing such people without faith who make you suffer..."

    In another message recorded by Guza Mifsud in 1987, she said, "During the night between the 17th and the 18th, from Good Friday to Easter Saturday, I heard many things from Jesus who was carrying the cross. He told me: "My daughter, you will carry this cross on your shoulders just as I did. I have before you carried and blessed that wooden cross which you are about to carry for the forgiveness of the sins of your country, of the islands of Malta and Gozo and for the needs of the many children of Adam and Eve some of whom are still in sin. My birth and the life I led up to when I was thirty three years old was very difficult, but the most difficult part was from Pilate's Palace up to Calvary, up to when My head was crowned with thorns and I was crucified. I did so much good for humanity and man repaid Me with many evil acts. Not even the worst person on earth was ill treated in this manner. However, I endured all this because it was My Father's will that I should suffer...

    During the holy night of Good Friday, 17th April 1987, at about 11.30, I started hearing the divine voice of Our Lady of Life. With my eyes full of tears, I then saw the Blessed Virgin Mary who together with some other kind and holy people were beneath the cross. The Blessed Virgin told me: "My daughter, do your utmost and tell your brothers and sisters, both of your country and throughout the world, to show more devotion towards the great redemption. It was sent from Heaven and achieved by the immense sufferings of Jesus, our Creator and our Saviour. Show greater devotion towards the sufferings of my Son Jesus and towards my sufferings."

    The Blessed Virgin suffered greatly when some of her Son's murderers approached Him to show Him further disrespect, but then some good souls, Joseph of Arimathea and his companions, arrived. During that vision I cried so much when I saw what a cruel tragedy befell Jesus Christ, our kind elder brother. At the time I brought to mind that the Virgin Mary suffered so much sorrow, suffered so much pain, suffered so much ill treatment...

    We should thank the Lord and the Blessed Virgin for all that they did for us during the passion. Jesus walked along the road of Calvary carrying the cross and His beloved mother Mary who is our mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, walked behind Him, nearly beneath the cross which Jesus Her son was carrying with such enormous suffering. When the Blessed Virgin heard the Jews despising her son, they were despising her blessed heart as well. That is why we should tell the Blessed Virgin: Holy Mother we thank you for all that you are doing in our country, in Malta and Gozo. Keep doing it, keep drawing closer those few souls who are distant from your Son's creed so that we may form a crown of flowers reaching towards Heaven to be placed before the Eternal Father, your Son Jesus and yourself and You will draw us closer towards our celestial city. We wish that everyone, God willing, would receive that place which our kind Jesus prepared for us by means of His passion and death.

    Now I shall say something to the Blessed Virgin when they brought Jesus down from the cross and threw Him in her arms: O fount of charity that never runs dry, how have You ended? O master of men, how has Your voice been silenced? O ray of light from the Eternal Father, how have You been put out? O garden adorned with beautiful flowers and tasty and delicious fruit, how has Your face been ruined? O highest truth of my heart, how have You been impoverished? O greatest love of my soul, how great is Your kindness? O Lord Jesus Christ, God and man, have mercy on all creatures, have mercy on our country of Malta and Gozo and on all the countries beyond our shores. Take care of His Holiness the Pope, take care of the Church Authorities of our islands of Malta and Gozo and of the whole world. Take care of all lay people who after Your passion lived in a precise and exact manner to spread Your apostolate in the missions and in other distant lands in order to perform good deeds among souls. Take care of the Church because there are some people of good will who feel very sad since their governments deprive them of the Church.

    Blessed Virgin, beloved Mary, you suffered so much in your holy sorrows, you did so much with your Son Jesus for the forgiveness of the sins of the whole world. You told me that we should be drawn to your sufferings when full of sorrow, you followed step by step your Son Jesus in His passion and that we should offer these sufferings for the souls in purgatory...

    The Virgin Mary also told me to speak about and to spread much devotion towards Jesus when He suffered the crown of thorns which was woven in such a barbarous way that it pierced His head up to His mouth. For this let us say a Glory be to the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity and especially let us pray to Jesus our Redeemer suffering under the cross. Let us ask Him to forgive us our sins, to forgive us all our faults, and let us pray for the needs of the sinners of our islands and of those who are distant from us... The Blessed Virgin suffered step by step along the roads of Calvary and she saw the brutal death of her Son Jesus at the hands of many of His Jewish brethren.

    The Sorrowful Mother told me: "Although they say that my heart is pierced by seven sorrows, yet my sorrows are more than seven... My sorrows began since when I brought forth Christ into the world and after a few months, years, Herod sought my son Jesus to kill Him because he thought that Jesus would usurp his kingdom. But as Jesus said in Pilate's Palace: "My kingdom does not belong to this world, my kingdom is in My Father's holy city, in God's holy city." Notwithstanding, Christ's enemies were so cruel that they did not believe Him and ended by having Him nailed to the cross with those dreadful nails which pierced His hands and feet. I suffered all this with the greatest courage along with my Son Jesus because I remembered that this suffering would be of a success to many children of the Church. This truly happened because after my Son's death many people were converted, many people became saints. But there are still many and many people who do not believe in God, who are distant from God: they are distant from the creed taught by my Son Jesus.

    My son Jesus had a mission in the world. I was grieved when He left home. I then met Him and saw Him going up to Calvary carrying the cross on His shoulders. When His foster father and I lost Him, we asked Him: "Why did You do this to us?" His reply was: "Because I must do My Father's will." I understood that such was the will of God and since it was the will of God it must also be my will, so that, this act of immense benefit between Heaven and earth would be a complete success.

    My daughter, I tell you that I am still grieved that many of the children of God still await another redemption notwithstanding all the sufferings that my Son Jesus endured. Our redemption has been accomplished, my son's sufferings were fulfilled. I am very sad for these people who are called Christians whereas in actual fact they are not Christians at all. They should not even be called Christians because if they were, they would reflect on the sufferings Jesus endured for their redemption in order to take them to Heaven and they would not go to hell capriciously. Alas, they go to hell capriciously because of blasphemy, murder, hatred, hatred towards Jesus of the Eucharist and hatred towards their own brethren. They drag their own brethren to ruin.

    They should consider the price of their soul's redemption. However, they regard Christ's passion as not being enough notwithstanding that Christ suffered to such an extent for them. He did all that He could. Even I did my utmost. I am deeply grieved because the Lord, my Son Jesus and I did everything so that mankind finds its salvation through the Son of God. This has not as yet been a full success and I hope that, God willing, perhaps not in the far future but in a short time, this would be achieved..."

    Therefore, we should repeat the words Guza said during the prayer meeting held on March 17, 1996, "Jesus, we thank You for everything. We adore You, O Jesus, and bless You because by that cross, those nails and that crown of thorns it pleased You to redeem every being that so far has come into the world and still has to come."

    Further information may be obtained from the series of books entitled 'The Founding of a New Titular'.

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