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"Dear Guza, keep progressing in the love you have for God and for Jesus in the Eucharist who is the secret, the key of our Movement. Continue to urge us in our great devotion towards the Blessed Virgin Mary. Your words assure us that you are the true messenger sent by the Virgin Mary to be our light, not only for the laity but especially for priests..."

Rev. Fr. Nazzaren Tonna

Various Topics - Last Message


  • The following message which was read out during the February 1997 prayer meeting was actually the last message recorded by Guza. In fact the audio cassette was still in the recorder Guza had beside the altar of the Blessed Virgin. On a sticker, in Guza's handwriting, there was written "February 1997". This message ran as follows:

    "My dear brothers and sisters,
    There are many clever people who affirm science and state that they no longer need God's help. However, I tell you that I praise the Lord because He has the greatest science. Science is in the powerful Hands of the Lord because He is keeping the world whole. He is sustaining me and He is sustaining you who declare that you do not need anything because you are clever people, people of science and philosophers... You know just as much as I do that when lightening strikes, it is followed by rain, likewise when the Lord calls me and you, we all have to bow our heads... For one reason or the other we have to let go because the rudder of our lives is not in our hands but in the Hands of Almighty God. He who judges us and who must pass judgement on our lives is Jesus, who greatly suffered along the road of Calvary... in order to undertake that cruel death on the cross because of the weight of our sins. Jesus did not need all this, but He interceded for us so that we obtain our reward in Heaven. He loved us so much that He died for us.

    He is the greatest person who possesses science because when the Lord rose from the dead, the Eternal Father told Him: 'You must appear at the end of the world to judge everyone on the way every person has lived, either good or bad. You will be the Judge of souls.' Friends, that is what we should understand. Let us look at ourselves, at our souls because we do not know when we shall meet death. Let us pray and prepare ourselves so that we won't fall into temptation.

    That is what the Lord Jesus told me this morning. 'Learn from Me who am giving you these words. Pass on these words to others because I endured what you are going through before You. I am acting as the model of your life when you pray that marvellous prayer from your heart, that mighty and pure prayer: 'Lord, Lord, I either suffer or I die.' Jesus told me: 'You are suffering greatly, you have the wounds in your hands and in your feet, which wounds you are taking from Me. Your heart is always broken and troubled to pray for the needs of the neglected, for the needs of sinners and for the needs of those people who oppose all that My Father who is also your Father, says. Pray continually for these people so that their heart changes from one of steel into one of flesh, so that they feel for others, they pity and think of others. These people who have some authority do not remember that song of praise which My mother Mary said when she was going to bring Me into the world. I had already descended from Heaven and taken the body of a baby hugged to My dear Mother and your dear Mother Mary when she went to help her cousin Saint Elizabeth.

    When Saint Elizabeth told her: 'Why is this granted to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me?' My Mother answered: 'My dear, the Lord God of Hosts has performed great things for me because I am going to give birth to a child and this child is great because He is the Son of God and I must give Him a name above all names. His name will be Jesus and this name will also be felt in the depths of hell.'

    Therefore... dear Jesus, beloved Jesus, kind Jesus, You are our Lord, You are our life, You are our breath, remove from us those spirits of darkness which are troubling us and the world so much. Blessed are thou, 0 Lord, God of our fathers, and be praised and highly exalted forever. Almighty God, mighty God, endless God, infinite God, fill Your hands and those of Your Son Jesus with all the powers of Your intellect.

    O God the Father, mighty God, omnipotent God, whose name is felt in the abyss of hell, have mercy on me, on Malta and Gozo and the whole world. Presently, the world is so evil! I know this from the kind Jesus in the Eucharist. Presently the world is very corrupt, therefore, we should pray and above all we should say: 'Omnipotent God, mighty God, powerful God, have mercy on the whole world. We people of good will, heartily, prudently and with adoration beg you to have mercy on us all and to refrain from sending in the world that which would bring a ruin on mankind due to our evil behaviour which is so ugly in your eyes.

    O God the Father, mighty God, immortal God, my Jesus, forgiveness and mercy by the merits of Your holy and divine wounds. Forgiveness and mercy for the merits of the sufferings which You and Your Mother, Mary Most Holy, endured from Pilate's Palace to Calvary where they forced You to lie down on that cruel cross and where with those wicked and cruel hands they nailed Yours to the cross. That was an expression of Your love for us, to save us from the death of sin and grant us eternal life. Lord God, cast Your look upon us, do not remove Your hands from us and keep us always and strongly united to Your will, to Your love and to Your divine and powerful heart. God forbid, do not allow us to perish, but with all Your respect and with the love You have towards Your son Jesus who undertook that passion for us, have mercy on us and grant everyone the grace, above all, to make a good death.

    And you, powerful and dear Blessed Virgin, you performed so much good with mankind by walking, with all respect, behind your son Jesus to encourage Him to proceed with love in His passion, in order to see us saved. Blessed Virgin, we greatly thank you for this.

    My dear brothers, representatives (leaders) of states, those who among you have more than one wife... God does not want this! God wants that a woman has only one husband and that a man has only one wife, because all these things go against God's will.

    Right now I am hearing Jesus telling me: 'Do not fear anyone, relate all that I tell you because all that you are hearing in your heart and all that which issues from your tongue comes from Me. Those who either say that you are a fool or that you are insane, are probably fools or insane themselves because they should have understood these things about you long ago. These things have been going on for nearly sixteen years, and what was referred to you by the Blessed Virgin goes back even further. It is shameful for those in Authority, in Malta and in the world, that they have not drawn the world closer to peace, towards God's mercy by means of the greatness of this message to which I am now contributing.

    It is not right that they are so headstrong and say: 'We are in command, therefore what we say counts and not what she says'. If these were not so stubborn, a smile would have approached Malta and Gozo by means of this message. Those in Authority should not be obstinate and say that what you are saying is not true. Is then what they say the truth? Who knows how often they refrain from saying something because they are afraid while you say it at Girgenti with all your courage. They are the cowards and not you.

    My daughter, do not fear, have courage and be brave just as I am telling you, as My Mother Mary told you and as is being referred to you by the Holy Spirit together with the Lord, for all that the Lord God and I want to take place cannot be upset by anyone...!" I was going to say it loud and clear, but I refrain so that no one would say anything. As I always say I am worth less than nothingness. We should consider God's greatness and not pretend that we are something... Not only was I not given any help but everyone despised me... The Lord knows everything, you know! I am astonished by certain things that I am hearing from the Lord this morning. The Lord knows everything. He knows all that was said to me by the Church Authorities and even by someone else. The Lord Jesus knows everything.

    He said: 'They have caused you great anxiety, they have broken your heart just as they had broken Mine when I was in Pilate's Palace up to when I was scourged. You too are being lashed. You have performed all that was asked of you by My mother, the Blessed Virgin, that is, you have confined yourself in here, you do not go out of this wrecked house. You have been burdened with so many great, important, powerful things of the Lord God, together with what I told you and that which was said to you along the years and even now by that beloved and powerful woman who is in Heaven. She has told you extremely important things and you have behaved as she did. You knew that what she was telling you was coming from the powerful hands of the Eternal Father, otherwise you would not have succeeded in saying all the things you have said, a whole catechism of love and prayer. You instructed man to leave the bad conduct he is in: of evil ways and opposing God, speaking against God, against me in the Eucharist and in Heaven, the blasphemy I heard on My way to Calvary and that blasphemy which is still taking place, against God's holy mercy. They speak badly about My Eternal Father and yours and about Me, they say that I am like this or the other in the Eucharist. They speak against that woman who is in Heaven close to the Lord God and Myself and who has made so much good for the world and in the world.

    That person of science who thinks that in his position he needs nothing because he has all learning should know that all learning has been accumulated upon you because it was granted to you by God, by the Blessed Virgin and by Myself. Tell them that they know nothing about God because if they had some education or schooling, they would praise Him, adore Him, thank Him for their life, but instead they blaspheme Him by saying that they do not need Him... Or else by their cruel and violent hearts, they spread so many evil things, among them the cursed mass (black mass) they say.'

    He said: 'My daughter, you have suffered at an early age because you repeated the truth you had heard. The reason for not saying certain things is that you have understood them. If you were to say the messages you have but which you have not yet disclosed, about the future of the world, people would be terrified. These things are truly frightening if the Lord God uses them due to the stubbornness of many people in the world whose authority is evil, they use their authority cruelly, violently towards Heaven. You people of good will, pray zealously so that God willing, He will not send these things on earth when He sees the kindness and the loyalty of your hearts. Therefore, preach as much as you can about the greatness of the Lord God the Father.'

    God the Father, mighty God, powerful God, God of our fathers, may You be praised and exalted above all forever. God of our fathers, You are worthy of adoration, of admiration, may Your look be one of mercy for the world. God the Father, You were so much admired in the past by our ancestors. But even then, there were some representatives of states, such as that cruel Stalin or the cruel Hitler who also waged great wars and massacred people at random, alas, numerous millions were killed, massacred. These were innocent people, priests, religious, reliable persons, people who knew nothing about these things but who were amassed in a large area where they were massacred, they were shot at recklessly.

    I am hearing great things from the divine Host, the blessed Host, the Immaculate Host with which I have just been in contact. I tell you that in these sixteen years, the Lord has performed great things with me through the Eucharist. Mind you don't think that they were unimportant things...

    Now let us continue to speak about the love which the Lord God the Father showed towards us. When our beloved Jesus was in Heaven, He saw His Eternal Father somewhat worried because the devil using his great malice took the form of a serpent and tempted Eve. He told her: 'Eat from that tree,' and she ate and even gave some to Adam. Then many terrible disasters befell her because the Eternal Father appeared to her and told her: 'Why are you covering yourself with leaves?' She replied: 'Because I am naked.' He said: 'Have you eaten of the tree?' She answered: 'Yes, the serpent forced me to eat.' God replied: 'Therefore, you shall bring forth your children in pain, and from a paradise I shall transform the land into barren fields, you must suffer a great deal for your living.'

    Then, in Heaven, Jesus the son of the Eternal Father said: 'Father, Father, let me go on earth and adjust the situation.' And that is what He did. The month of Christmas, the month of December, is the month of God's and of the beloved Jesus great mercy. It is the month when Our Queen, the Blessed Mary brought Him into the world... The month of December is the month of God's infinite mercy who sent us His son, Our Saviour, powerful and great on earth... It is an episode of love, an event of peace, Jesus came on earth and took our image, as a baby. In everything did the Lord Jesus take on a human form. However, He also had His divinity, because the Lord Jesus was the Son of almighty God. That is why we should frequently say: 'Blessed are You, O Lord, God of our fathers, be praised and highly exalted forever. Blessed is the name of God, blessed is the Lord, God of our fathers, whose look reaches the depths of Hell, may He be praised and highly exalted above all things for ever. Blessed is the powerful name of the Lord God, because His look reaches the depths of the sea, it reaches everywhere. God sees us, God hears us, God knows about us. If we are in His grace, He would know and if we are not in His grace, He would know as well.

    Not only us but everyone because the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist has often told me this beautiful and precious word, that the Lord feels sorry for everyone: for me, for you, for the other, because there are priests and persons of a rank higher than priests who only give Him pain, trouble and sufferings. He said: 'In Malta you have as well, there are too, but you have a few... You are in this house ignorant of everything, therefore let Me tell you something: they study to become priests, they study to be ordained priests and as soon as they become priests they celebrate mass for a short time and then change their course to grasp the material world... They should have done this before they became priests.' He said: 'Then there are many others who were previously married and their wife died and they became priests. These are accomplishing much good.'

    Therefore, let me repeat: 'Blessed are You, O Lord, God of our fathers, be praised and highly exalted forever. Blessed are thou, O Lord, God of our fathers, Your look reaches the depths of hell, the depths of the sea, the depths of our heart. We should honour fully the Lord God of Hosts and His Son Jesus in the Eucharist and we should adore the Lord God of Hosts by means of His Son Jesus in the Eucharist. The Lord Jesus is acting marvellously, mercifully, with love and with the greatest patience when He awaits us sinners, wherever we might be, in whatever condition we might be. No matter how ugly is the state of our soul, we should go with adoration and heartily, to the foot of the altar, to the foot of the tabernacle. The Eucharist is present everywhere, in all the churches of the parishes of Malta and Gozo, in all the churches of the world and in all the huts that exist in the missions... Therefore, let us praise the Lord Jesus and say: Let us adore Jesus in the Eucharist, true God and true man. Let us adore Jesus in the Eucharist, true God and true man. Let us adore Jesus the Judge who will appear to judge our souls.

    We should give thanks to the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist and we should pray to Him with adoration, with prudence, with a clean heart and knowing what we are saying. How much has the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist loved humanity! How many things has He performed for humanity! Alas, we should not be violent people, we should not let our tongue utter words against the greatness of God, against the infinite greatness of the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist, against the Holy Spirit who is giving us so much courage and strength. We should pray much to the Holy Spirit so that He would strengthen our faith... Jesus of the Eucharist is present with His body, with His blood, with His soul and with the divinity of the God He is.

    We should thank the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist and we should seriously thank Him because He gave us many great things in order to save us from the cruel yoke which the world places upon us by oppression, armaments and wars. May our yoke be that given to us by Christ, a gentle yoke, an easy yoke. The Lord Jesus respects us, He loves us, He is patiently and calmly waiting for us in the tabernacle to compel us to live a good life, to draw us towards a priest of good-will so that we make a holy confession and start receiving Him in the Eucharist, in order to give us the gifts and the graces we need, both temporal and spiritual. Let us adore Jesus in the Eucharist, true God and true man. Let us adore Jesus the Judge, true God and true man. Lord, when you would be coming on that cloud, for Your second-coming on earth... give everyone the grace to be of good-will, with a conscience as You desire it to be, and not in the road of evil, God forbid, in mortal sin, because if we are in mortal sin we can do nothing (we will not merit).

    Let us ask God to have mercy on us. Therefore, let us heartily pray to the mighty and most merciful God, our Father, and tell Him: 'We praise You Lord, we proclaim You as our God and our Lord. O Eternal Father, all creatures honour You. You are honoured by the angels of Heaven, by all the saints and by the cherubims and the serafins who constantly bless You.'

    Let me leave the Te Deum aside and remind you that we should reflect on the immense and infinite greatness of the birth of the child Jesus during the month of December, or as it is called Christmas. We should treasure this divine child. Jesus came into the world to bring peace, He came into the world to suffer, to suffer along the road of Calvary. He was killed on the cross and He offered Himself completely to the Eternal Father for the forgiveness of our sins.

    Lord God, You are here and I am present in You; Lord God, we talk to You and You listen to us; Lord God, we ask and You grant us favours because You promised in the Holy Scriptures that it is Your desire to be with the sons of man. Therefore, as children of the Father we ask You with confidence: Lord God, let Your name be glorified; Lord God, rule above all; Lord God, lead me in Your ways; Lord God, make me happy by Your peace; Lord God, keep me always and firm in Your hands; Lord God, give me the spirit of Christ; Lord God, instil in me the spirit of sacrifice; Lord God, always seek me so that I may adore You; Lord God, bless my soul; Lord God, bless my death. Amen.

    Christ Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews, the only son of the true God and of the Blessed Virgin Mary, mediator with God for us all, manifest Your divine wounds, Your passion, the three hours of Your agony on the cross. Reveal all that You have prepared for every human being there is in the world, that has already come and that has still to come..."

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The Movement of Our Lady of Consecration was founded by Guza Mifsud in 1987 mainly to spread devotion towards the new title “Our Lady of Consecration”. Notwithstanding Guza’s demise in 1996, the Committee still organises prayer meetings and is also always pleased to offer its assistance to those who visit the shrine at Girgenti and Guza’s house in Siggiewi, Malta.