"I have nothing special. Power belongs to Almighty God, power belongs to the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist together with the kind and beloved Holy Spirit who will increase our love towards the three Divine Persons of the Holy Trinity, the Blessed Virgin and all Heaven… Our Lady is very powerful before God... We should not fail to pray to Our Lady because the Blessed Virgin always intercedes for us before Almighty God, before her Son Jesus, before the Holy Spirit."

Guza Mifsud (September 1995)

Graces Received


  • Numerous graces are continuously granted through the intercession of Our Lady of Consecration and Guza Mifsud. The Committee of the Movement of Our Lady of Consecration often receives written reports of these graces which are then published in the leaflet Lehen il-Girgenti (The Voice of Girgenti), issued every three months. A number of these graces are being reproduced hereunder. The previous graces were published in books Five, Six and Seven of the series The Founding of a New Titular, Our Lady of Consecration:

    Formosa from Kercem, Gozo, on the 5th September 1997 reported the following: My son, Anthony, had a lump below his knee. Since it started to grow at a terrifying speed, we visited Professor Aquilina who stated that if such lump continued to grow, my son would, within three months, have to undergo a surgical intervention.

    In the meantime, we visited my son's grandmother who lives in Qala and she gave us a holy picture of Guza Mifsud trusting that Guza would cure him. When we returned home, I called my son and whilst we prayed together, I placed the holy picture on the lump, which by then was as large as a bun. My husband used to monitor the lump every day. After two days, it appeared that the lump was slowly decreasing in size until within a short period of time, it went down completely.

    My son's leg appeared so normal that when the three months passed, we completely forgot to visit Professor Aquilina. My son's leg healed rapidly without the need of any medical treatment or surgical intervention.

    Rose Ciappara from Naxxar in 1998 relates that when Noel, her son, was six years old, he suffered from such a severe allergy of hay fever that he could not even open his eyes. Rose took him to Professor Preziosi who gave her some eye drops to be used when the allergy returned. Rose stored the medicine until such need arose.

    In the meantime, Rose and her son, as usual, attended the prayer meeting at Girgenti. During the meeting, Noel asked his mother to give him permission to bathe his eyes with the Girgenti water; his mother consented and he bathed his eyes.

    Time passed; winter passed by, spring passed by; years passed by and Noel never suffered again from such an allergy... and the drops remained where stored! Today (1998) Noel is fifteen years old.

    In April 1996, Joseph Ciappara, from Naxxar, went fishing beneath the Ghallis Tower. Some time later, Father Alwig Camilleri, a friend of the Ciappara family, also went fishing and kept a short distance from Joseph. Father Alwig had recognised Joseph's car but did not see Joseph. At first he thought that Joseph had left his place for a short time, but then he grew worried and went to check what had happened.

    Father Alwig found Joseph stretched out on the ground as if lifeless! He quickly gave him absolution and since there was no one around who could help him, he quickly drove to Naxxar to inform Joseph's wife and to phone for an Ambulance. Joseph was taken to hospital and placed in the Intensive Therapy Unit. He was put on drip. His wife placed a holy picture of Our Lady of Consecration beneath the pillow and, after about five days, she daily mixed some Girgenti water with the tea or other food taken by her husband. He spent six weeks in hospital and when he returned home, he could not walk.

    Prayers did not cease. Joseph always kept upon him a scapular of Our Lady of Consecration and the green scapular. Joseph recovered rapidly and he soon could go up to Girgenti. When he met Guza Mifsud, during the last meeting before her death, Guza told him, "the Blessed Virgin knows everything about you, things will continue to improve." Today Joseph is in good health and he thanks the Blessed Virgin for all the things she did with him and with all his family.

    Carmen Garzia from Tarxien: At the age of three, Carmen's daughter, Isabelle, had like three lentils on her forehead. The parents were told that these were warts. Although scorched the warts remained and turned black. The Medical officer warned the parents not to touch them if not by surgery. Nothing was done to remove the warts; no medicine or ointment was used. However, once, Carmen and her family came to know about Guza and Girgenti.

    It was a Sunday in May or June 1989, when Carmen, her husband and Isabelle, who by now had become a young lady, went up to Girgenti. Although the water in the trough was soiled and did not appeal to Isabelle, yet her mother who was enkindled with great faith towards the Blessed Virgin, took some water and bathed her daughter's forehead. Before leaving the place, they recited the rosary with great devotion. Some days went by and Carmen realised that the warts had whitened. Before long, they had completely disappeared. The Garcia family thanks Our Lady for the favours received.

    J. H. from Paola relates the following: In December 1997, I had a wound in my toe. I went to hospital for treatment and remained there for a fortnight. When in February 1998, I was convalescent at home, an infection developed and I had to return to hospital. My toe was X-Rayed and the consultant (a foreigner) told me that since the infection had touched the bone, probably they would have to amputate my toe. I immediately said, "Oh, no!" and he replied, "either one toe or the whole leg!"

    In August, I went for a routine visit at the Out Patient's Department, and when the consultant (who four months earlier had said that probably they would amputate my toe) examined me, he exclaimed, "You are lucky; it's a miracle!" My toe had healed and surgery was no longer necessary. I used to pray fervently to the Blessed Virgin and to St. Joseph for a cure. I have been attending the Girgenti prayer meetings since 1992.

    Joseph Aquilina from Siggiewi: Joseph had an accident in which his motorcycle collided with a truck. His right leg was fractured in three places and he lost part of the shinbone. A three-inch piece of the bone was lying on the road.

    At first the Professor (Dr. Grixti) thought that he would have to amputate his leg. Joseph was running a dangerously high temperature and was taken to the Intensive Therapy Unit. The Professor feared that Fat Embolism could stop the heart.

    His mother visited Guza Mifsud. Guza prayed all through the night for Joseph's needs and for all the other patients in the I.T.U. The following day, the I.T.U.'s Chief, told the family that they never experienced such a quiet and tranquil night. The Professor said that Joseph would remain in hospital for a long time, that he would have to undergo a lengthy surgical intervention and that his leg would shorten by about an inch. When the family revisited Guza, she told them that Joseph will not stay long in hospital and that his leg, if it will shorten, will only do so by the thickness of a sheet of paper. In fact, Joseph only stayed in hospital for five weeks, and the Professor said that his foot was only a millimetre shorter. The Professor had said that surgery would take from three to four hours. Guza had predicted that surgery would only take two hours.

    In fact, Joseph underwent two surgical interventions at one go, one in his leg and one in his hip, and all this took exactly two hours. Joseph walked for some time with the aid of crutches and a walking stick and today (18/06/1984) he walks well and is a nurse.

    Paola Attard from Siggiewi reports as follows: On May 24, 1986, a car hit my husband Carmelo and he was seriously injured. When we took him to hospital we were told that he would spend about three weeks there.

    Twice a week I used to go to Guza's house and together we used to pray before the picture of Our Lady of Consecration. Guza had assured me that he will not remain in hospital for so long but that he will be back home on Father's day. With regards to my fear that Carmelo would not be able to walk again, Guza used to tell me not to lose heart because my husband will walk. All that Guza told me was fulfilled to the letter. Carmelo walked again and he even resumed his job.

    Today (March 1999), Carmelo accompanies me to the Girgenti prayer meetings.

    Mario and Maryanne Farrugia relate how their son Carmel was cured notwithstanding that the doctors only gave him one per cent chance that he would remain alive. This is what happened:

    On Tuesday, March 2, 1999, Mario woke up his son at 6.00a.m. in order to prepare himself for school. At about 10.00.a.m., the boy phoned up his mother from school telling her that he was returning home because he was not feeling well. When he returned home, his mother took his temperature and found that he ran a fever of 103 degrees. The doctor came and he said that the boy had nothing serious; he was only suffering from a mild cold.

    Without delay, the boy started taking some pills and from time to time, the parents measured his temperature which soon reached 105 degrees. For this reason, the parents remained near their son. They dampened his face with hall-il-ward (a mixture made of rose petals sealed in a jar for a few days and kept in the sun until these petals ooze a moisture to which vinegar is added) and ice and gave him Panadol pills.

    At about midnight, when they went to awake their son to give him the pills, they found that he was not breathing well. He drank a lot of water and his stomach started aching because since his body organs were not functioning, he could not dispose of the water. This was a result of the illness that affected him. The fever would not go down.

    Mario and his wife decided to take their son to hospital; but since their son could not walk, they phoned for an ambulance. A doctor or a nurse did not attend the ambulance. When they arrived in hospital they went to the Emergency Department. Immediately they started examining the boy. He had a rash over his body. Immediately they took some blood and it resulted that the boy was suffering from meningitis. He was in a critical condition because this type of meningitis could lead to coma and brain damage and other consequences.

    Immediately the doctor called other doctors to come and help him because the disease had gone too far and became fatal. The boy was taken to the Intensive Therapy Unit and Mario and his wife waited outside in the corridor. This happened at about 4.00a.m.

    The Professor arrived about two hours later. Mario relates as follows: "The Professor called us and told us: 'The disease has gone too far and only prayers can help him; we did our best. Now only God can help him, because he does not even have a one per cent chance that he will live!'

    "When I was leaving," Mario continued, "at about 11.30a.m., a patient was taken out of the Unit, and whilst he was being carried away, a holy picture fell out and I picked it up. My wife told me, 'Why are you picking it up?' I had lost all hope; however, when I picked the holy picture I had great faith that my son will be healed.

    Incredibly, when the doctor came and asked us news about our son, we replied that we knew nothing. Therefore, he himself went inside to check the situation and found that the boy's condition had not worsened. The holy picture I picked was of Our Lady of Consecration.

    The man, from whom the holy picture fell out, died after two days! Our son was soon discharged from the Intensive Therapy Unit. He spent another three weeks in hospital for further treatment. Today, he is completely normal, he suffers no consequences of the disease, because he could have remained disabled!"

    A devotee of Our Lady wrote the following report on September 13, 1999: It is true that God uses simple people to show His glory, people who do not know the meaning of pride. In my case, God used Guza Mifsud to increase the reverence towards His Mother Mary. I heard of various misfortunes, but I never thought that I would undergo such a grave mishap myself.

    On July 29 at about 4.30p.m., my twenty-year-old son had a serious accident. On impact, his ribs pressed on his lungs and the Professor stated that they could not do anything from their end. He greatly feared that the boy would contract an infection and it happened that after a week running a very high temperature, my son fell victim to such an infection. It attacked his kidneys with a very high fever and the boy could die at any moment. Seven weeks passed and my son was always in danger of dying.

    A friend of the family visited my son and lost all hope that he could get cured. He came on a Monday and gave me a picture of Our Lady of Girgenti. He told me to pray fervently and to go and place my son's photo in the trough of water at Girgenti. The following day I went to Girgenti, placed the photo in the water and prayed to the Blessed Virgin that God's will be done. The Virgin's face appeared really pretty and I felt as if she was greatly comforting me. I left with my heart at rest. That day the Professor had told us that my son was still in a critical condition.

    The following day, Wednesday, we went to visit my son as usual. There were many nurses around his bed. At the moment I thought that my son was dead but when the Nursing Officer saw me, he called me and told me to go and speak to my son. When I heard his voice my heart stopped beating and I starting crying with joy. Later, I was told that on Wednesday at 7.00a.m., that is, the day following my visit to Girgenti, my son spoke to the nurses and everyone claimed that this was a real miracle.

    Since he had spent seven weeks motionless, the muscles in his legs had completely deteriorated. Professor Zammit Maempel told me that probably my son would not be able to walk again. Once again, I prayed to Our Lady of Girgenti and asked Guza Mifsud to intercede for him. I was given some Girgenti holy water and I bathed his legs with it. Another miracle, because the following day he started to move his legs. The Professor was astonished. He admitted that this was another miracle and that no medicine could have healed him.

    Today I cannot say that my son is in a perfect condition, however he can reason things out, he can fulfil his own needs, he can ascend and descend the stairs and even comes for walks with us. I heartily thank the Blessed Virgin and pray that she keeps him under her protection.

    P. Mifsud from Hamrun reports as follows: On June 28, 2000, I woke up with my eye welling up with tears and therefore I fixed an appointment with an oculist. He visited me on July 4 and informed me that a vein had ruptured in my eye. He wanted to examine me again in hospital to perform further tests. It resulted that the tear fell on the pupil. He informed me that laser could not be used and fixed another appointment with an American retina specialist. The latter said that surgery was necessary because my eye was split. He wanted to try and save my eye because the same could happen to the other one. The decision as to whether surgery was to take place had to be discussed with another Professor and therefore I had to go again to hospital on Tuesday, July 18, 2000 for another medical visit.

    In the meantime I kept praying to Our Lady of Consecration and a colleague of mine brought me some Girgenti water to bathe my eye. On Sunday, July 16, I left for Girgenti but I could not find the road. I prayed to Our Lady to show me the way because I only wanted to go there that evening. It did not take long to find the road, and as soon as I got out of my car, I heard the congregation that was gathered in the sanctuary praying while making the sign of the Cross and I recited the rosary with them. I prayed to the Blessed Virgin to help me avoid surgery. After the Rosary I kept praying alone. I had not yet been cured but I cannot explain the peace I felt within me and I could not stop praying. I only stopped because it was getting dark and since I could not see from one eye and I had to drive, I wanted to return home before it got dark.

    On Monday, July 17, 2000 in the evening, before going to bed, I started reciting the rosary, and after saying the first decade I put some water on the eyelid. All of a sudden I felt a burning sensation in my eye and within me I said, "How come, my eye is hurting me. This is miraculous holy water, Our Lady's water. It can only do me good and not harm. When I wash my face with tap water I do not feel anything." I continued saying the rosary and I had not even finished the next Hail Mary when all of a sudden the pain ceased. I kept on praying.

    The following morning I had to go to hospital; it had to be decided whether surgery would take place since this type of surgery is very dangerous and complicated.

    Tuesday, July 18, 2000, I went to hospital. I was asked whether my sight had improved. I felt that I was seeing well and I replied accordingly. However, the Professor wanted to visit me again. He said that the tear had moved from the pupil to the side of my eye and that my eye was healing by itself. I had to go to another specialist, a foreigner who specialises in the pupil. He examined me with an instrument which he brought from America and told me, "I am glad for you. Your eye has healed. God bless you."

    For me this is a miracle and through this experience I want to deliver the following message: Pray, always put God first in your life. Everything is possible for Him.

    F. Portelli from Marsa sent the following report: A few years ago, my son Charlie who today lives in Zebbug, phoned us at home and told us that he was suffering from severe pain. He said that the doctor had told him that he was suffering from gallstones and placed him on a diet. His mother told me to obtain some xkatta pietra (a plant unique to Malta and named for its use as treatment for stone in the gall bladder). I asked many people to procure some, however, to no avail. I was told to be cautious because not everyone recognises it. In the meantime, my son was still in pain.

    I decided to speak to Guza. I was told that Guza was not seeing anyone that day, however, I insisted and managed to speak to her. I told her everything and she replied, "I cannot do anything for you except pray to Our Lady to help you and to provide you with some xkatta pietra. We prayed together and I left.

    I had only made a few steps when I met a farmer who used to work with me. He said, "How come, you came here?" I told him my story. He started laughing and said, "You still believe in this nonsense? I will give you some." This is what he did. He procured some and we met near the Hamrun Police Station to give it to me.

    When I arrived home I happily went to tell my wife what happened. However, she interrupted me by saying that another person to whom I had spoken some time back had also called at my house and brought me the plant.

    One might say that it was pure chance. However, only I know how many places I visited and the number of people I asked about the plant. I can only say that it was only after praying together with Guza, to the Blessed Virgin that I found more xkatta pietra that I needed.

    Nina Grixti from Canada sent the following report: Mariola had slipped on the ice and fractured the shinbone and below her knee. Her leg was placed in plaster. The doctor told her to avoid moving her leg unnecessarily since every time she went to hospital to have her leg X Rayed, she was told that the fractures were not healing.

    After four months the doctor told her to walk for a short time on her leg so that by the pressure the leg might heal, however, all was in vain. Therefore, the doctor told her that he has to carry out a bone draft. This meant that he would take a bone from her hip and places it in her leg. Mariola was not at all pleased by this news, she was afraid. After five and a half months, the doctor told that she would undergo surgery the following month.

    I told her that I was praying for her to the Blessed Virgin and that even her aunt Rita from Malta was praying for her. On August 17 Mariola went to hospital and as soon as the doctor started removing the plaster, she started crying because she thought that the doctor was going to give her ill news. However, when the X Ray was taken, the doctor told Mariola that her leg had healed and that surgery was no longer necessary. When she phoned me to give me the news, I told her that our prayers to the Blessed Virgin had been heard.

    Report by Rita Spiteri from Paola: Nathalie, my son's wife, gave birth to their second child, Daniel. From birth his left eye was always welling up with tears because the tear duct was blocked. The doctor prescribed a cream and told them to wait for about a year since the duct could open up by itself. When Daniel was a year and three months old, the tear duct was still blocked and we took him to an oculist who said that surgery was necessary. An appointment was then fixed to take the boy to hospital. When the mother went to the Outpatient Department, it resulted that Daniel had his eye infected and the mother was immediately sent to the Eye Unit so that surgery be made at the earliest.

    When they told me that the boy had to undergo surgery, I felt that the surgical intervention would not be made because I have great faith in Our Lady of Girgenti. Immediately I took the boy and bathed his eyes with the holy water. I prayed for him. I kept bathing the boy's photo with the holy water, since I could not see the boy everyday as he lived at Birzebbugia. Later I took the boy's photo to Girgenti and placed it at the feet of the Blessed Virgin. The boy's condition started improving. When the day that surgery was due arrived, the parents were told that the operation was no longer necessary because the tear duct was no longer blocked.

    I thank Our Lady of Girgenti and Guza Mifsud's soul for the grace received because I had prayed fervently for their help.

    John Parnis from Birzebbugia: On May 1, 2001, I was alone in my garage working with the grinder when all of a sudden, with a great force, a piece of iron about an inch long, shot straight into my left eye. At the moment I only saw darkness and blood started coming out. I remembered that my son had brought me some Girgenti water and that this water was in the garage. I moved towards the water with difficulty because at the time I was only seeing darkness. I prayed to Our Lady of Consecration not to lose my sight. By time, slowly, I started regaining my sight. The blood stopped flowing and after some time, the pain started to ease. In a week I was completely healed and without seeking medical help. Heartily I say, "Thank you, Blessed Virgin."

    G. Cachia from Birkirkara reports the following: I thank Our Lady of Girgenti for my miraculous cure, I prayed to be healed and my prayers were heard. Although today, thanks be to God, I am doing my utmost to live a good Christian life, yet I declare that way back I did not lead a good life.

    Ten years ago my back was aching, I underwent surgery and the pain vanished. (A foreign doctor at St. Luke's hospital performed Surgery). I then worked for a year as a whitewasher and I felt the same pain in my back as I had felt nine years earlier.

    I went to Dr. Zrinzo and he told me to stay in bed and rest. But the pain persisted and Dr. Zrinzo told me that I had to undergo another surgical intervention in my spine.

    Some months ago, I met a friend who helped me come close to God. My life changed for the good, from darkness to light.

    Due to my conversion, I could pray and in fact I prayed and prayed to Our Lady of Girgenti to heal me. The Blessed Virgin heard my prayers and astonishingly the pain ceased completely. I went to Dr. Zrinzo again to recount what happened. Thanks be to God, the X-Rays proved that I no longer needed the operation. This for me was a miraculous cure.

    I know that this happened by the intercession of Our Lady of Girgenti and therefore, I heartily want to thank God and the Blessed Virgin, while I beg their help to keep living a good Christian life.

    Our Lady of Girgenti pray for us and help us increase our devotion towards you.

    During the April 2001 prayer meeting Albert declared that the Blessed Virgin had granted him two favours, one of a physical and the other of a spiritual nature. He said that he had heart problems and was on the verge of dying. The doctor had told him that two valves had to be replaced because they were leaking blood. When walking, he had to stop after every few paces because he used to lose his breath. He came to Girgenti to pray to the Blessed Mother and all at once he felt something was happening in his heart and knew that his condition was improving. When he went back to the doctor, it was confirmed that he was healed and that everything was in order. Albert also said that he used to utter many blasphemies about Our Lady but today he has such great devotion towards her that he has stopped blaspheming.

    G. Mejlak from Munxar, Gozo, reports as follows: My family and I publicly would like to thank God and Our Lady of Consecration for the favour granted regarding the cure of my mother. My mother's kidneys were not functioning well. They were not only excreting the waste products but even proteins. The doctor prescribed some pills but as a side effect her blood pressure increased alarmingly and he sent her immediately to hospital. She had a haemorrhage in the lungs; blood issued from her mouth and she even lost her memory for some days. The kidney specialist told us that the kidneys will not heal but will rest. Therefore, we thought that she would not get cured. Whenever he tested my mother's kidneys, they excreted a black substance.

    We prayed fervently to Our Lady of Consecration by reciting the rosary and other prayers and we applied Girgenti water every day. Four months passed by and when the family doctor tested her kidneys he found that they were clear. He was astonished and told my mother, "Go to Lourdes and thank Our Lady. This is a miracle." After a fortnight, a specialist tested the kidneys. When the results were published, he phoned us immediately and told us, "The result is out. Her kidneys are very clear, there isn't any trace of anything left. This is a miracle." We want to thank Our Lady of Consecration for hearing our prayers and we want to show all the readers of this leaflet that Our Lady always heeds our prayers whenever we ask for her intercession. Thank you Blessed Mother.

    The Gatt family recount the following incident that occurred eleven years earlier: We were always told that it was a problem for us to have children. My wife had undergone surgery and had one of her tubes cut off because she had a cyst and the other tube was so blocked that when, after the operation, the Professor tried to throw some dye, it did not pass through. On Sunday I used to go up to Girgenti to pray. However, I never prayed for my needs, I used to pray for my wife's uncle who had a similar problem. I did not pray for myself because I had accepted the fact that we could not have children. But once I saw my wife on the verge of crying since I was praying for others who had our same problem. When I saw that my wife was about to cry I felt that I should pray for our needs as well.

    In the meantime we kept going to the doctors for checkups, but according to Professor Brincat, our only chance was to have a test-tube baby. I spoke to Father Gaetano about this problem and he sent us to Father Manuel in Qrendi who explained the Church's teaching on the issue. We were free to decide what to do and the Professor was waiting for our decision. However, we did not need to trouble ourselves further because my wife became pregnant without the need of any medical intervention.

    It happened that I could not attend Girgenti on the Sunday following the one I had prayed to the Blessed Virgin for our needs. My brother went in my stead and he had his son with him. His son wanted to go up near Guza and when he was near her, Guza told my brother, "You have a brother named Charlie. Give him my greetings." Guza said these words notwithstanding that she did not know me. Although I used to go up to Girgenti, yet I never went to speak to her and tell her my name. On Monday morning my wife told me that she was going to try a pregnancy test. I almost turned my head and starting laughing because I was well aware of our problem. It is not that I do not believe that God is omnipotent, because I am certain that what happened was coming from Him, but at the moment that was my reaction.

    My wife informed me that she was pregnant. I told her to do the test again and she confirmed that she was pregnant. I told her, "This evening we will go to my mother and to your mother's house and give them the news." We went to her mother's house, told her the news and then went to my mother's place. There I found my brother who wanted to tell me that the previous day Guza had sent her good wishes. I told them that my wife was pregnant. Later I went to speak to Guza to thank her and she told me that we must speak about these things. Besides this boy, we had another two children and a miscarriage. For me this is a great favour and today my eldest boy is nearly ten years old."

    G. Debrincat from Gozo sent the following report: Whoever places himself in the hands of the Blessed Virgin, and believes in the intercession of saints such as Guza Mifsud, will witness many miracles. Following surgery, which thanks be to God was successful, it resulted that I could not move. I desired that I would not stay long in hospital since I had left two children at home. It happened that two days after the operation, in the early morning, I felt a great force and determination to walk so that I could go home.

    A nurse helped me rise from my bed and in a short time I realised that I could walk. I am certain that the prayers you prayed for me at Girgenti and the intercession of Guza Mifsud fulfilled my wish so quickly. In fact that same day, the medical officer who performed the surgical intervention gave me permission to return home.

    Gordon Camilleri from Luqa reports the following: Whilst I was shopping with my wife, I felt the urge that on the following day, Sunday, we should go to Girgenti. We had never been there. On the dawn of Sunday, September 8, I had a scapular at my side and I remembered that that day was the Blessed Virgin's birthday. Whilst holding the scapular I said, "Happy Birthday, Virgin Mary". Some time later, my wife and I went to my mother's house and I asked her whether she knew where to find Our Lady of Girgenti. She could not guide me because it was a long time since she had been there.

    I was so determined to go that I prayed the Blessed Virgin to ride in the car with us and lead us to the place. The Holy Mother must have truly heard my prayer, because although I did not know the way, yet I found the place immediately. When we arrived we recited the rosary. Since then I have daily recited the rosary. I had a holy picture of Guza Mifsud and I used to say the prayer that was printed on it. Then I used to tell her, "Guza, I do not know whether it is I who should pray for you, or you should pray for me," because I knew nothing about Guza and the events of Girgenti.

    Another time, it was a Friday; I went again to Girgenti alone. I had a severe headache. I had been suffering from this headache far before my first visit to Girgenti. When I was there, I recited the rosary by myself and afterwards I approached the Blessed Virgin and told her, "My Mother, Mary, you know how much my head is aching. If it is God's will that I continue to suffer this pain, then I am willing to do so, because I am a poor creature. When I am in need I draw near but otherwise I quickly draw away." I placed my hand in the trough, bathed my forehead and told her, "Do with me as you will." Two days later I felt a sharp pain and my head did not ache any more.

    In the meantime, I kept going to Girgenti and reciting the rosary on a regular basis. Once I bought a book in which Guza spoke about the importance of consecration. I felt that it would benefit my whole family and me if we made such consecration. Therefore, I expressed my wish to the Parish Priest and he came and made the Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary at our home. Since that day, I felt greater devotion towards the Blessed Mother Mary. I distributed some holy pictures and scapulars and tried to urge others to recite the rosary. The Rosary is for me the greatest instrument and at the same time it is a means of communicating with the Blessed Virgin Mary. I want to thank God that through the intercession of Our Lady and of Guza Mifsud, He has granted me the grace of healing physically from the pain in my head and also spiritually. I want to thank Our Lord Jesus Christ, who when on the cross, gave us His Mother Mary as our mother who understands in all our needs and tribulations. Praised be Jesus, Praised be the Virgin Mary.

    Philip Azzopardi, President of the Movement of Our Lady of Consecration, forwarded the following report following a grace received in Girgenti on Sunday, April 6, 2003: "I thank God for His loyalty towards me in granting me this grace and I thank the Blessed Virgin and Guza Mifsud for their intercession since through this favour I will continue to strengthen my faith in the Lord Jesus, the devotion towards the Blessed Mother and my love towards the holy soul of Guza Mifsud.

    Last Sunday, April 6, 2003, I attended the Girgenti prayer meeting as usual. I felt some pain at the back of my neck and below my left flank as soon as I issued forth my hand to lift up something. This pain was the remnant of the severe pain in my neck and in my back with which I woke up on the previous Friday. It was a severe and harsh pain because it reminded me of the terrible pain I had fifteen years before when I suffered from a slipped disc. That day, February 2, 1988, through Guza Mifsud's prayers directed towards the spirit of the Virgin Mary to come and heal me, I was cured instantaneously and for me this was a miraculous cure. Therefore, when I felt this pain again, I feared that the slipped disc was going to trouble me again. I admit that I doubted God's mercy and in my prayers I asked Him whether the cure I had fifteen years earlier was of a permanent nature.

    During the meeting, after reciting the rosary and after I read out Psalm 51 as a prayer with the congregation and after we rang the bell five times as praise to God, the Virgin Mary and all the saints, we proceeded to start the Holy Way of the Cross. In the past years I always carried the large and heavy Crucifix for the first seven stations, then some one else carried it because my arms would tire. That day I was afraid and I was about to tell another member of the Committee to carry it. However, at the moment I made an act of faith in the Lord, took hold of the Crucifix and lifted it up. Amazingly, I felt no pain anywhere. Not only, but as soon as it was placed in my hands and I applied the necessary force to bear the weight on my arms, I felt that it was lighter than usual and I lifted it up as if it was just a wooden cross without the corpse! I could not believe all this and I kept holding the Crucifix up high and turning my head to one side and the other to check whether I will feel the pain. I felt no pain at all. I felt such joy in lifting the Crucifix feeling it so light, that during the first station, I did not want to rest its foot on the ground as I usually do, even though it was exposed to a strong wind. Alfred Micallef, a member of the Committee, observed that I was not resting the Crucifix and advised me to do so, so that I will not get tired. Not to act presumptuously, I decided that from the second station onwards I would rest the foot of the Crucifix on the benches. After the seventh station, Alfred Micallef asked me to carry the Crucifix himself so that I will rest, but I was so enjoying its lightness and being not tired at all, I did not give it to him. I carried it during all the stations, up to the end! After the Way of the Cross, I gave testimony of this experience to the congregation. I even thanked God for the favour received because for me, this was a confirmation of his loyalty in all that He performed with me fifteen years earlier.

    Anna Muscat from Mosta sent the following report: Joseph, my husband, had a heart attack. He spent three days at the I.T.U., five days at the C.C.U. and six days at the M7 ward. We have three small children; their ages are thirteen, twelve and three. We thank God and the Blessed Virgin for the grace received because he was so critically bad that we never thought that he would come back home. We never used to pray and we never went near Our Lady at Girgenti. We first attended Girgenti on Sunday May 11. There, the Blessed Virgin touched all our hearts. Since that day we started saying the rosary and if it were for my husband we would go to Girgenti every day because there he felt great peace.

    C. Abdilla from Qrendi reported the following: When my brothers and sisters emigrated, I remained alone with my three uncles and aunts and my parents. For thirty years I lived with them, cared for them and also worked as a teacher. One by one, they all went to meet the Lord. Only my father remained, a ninety year old man, well built, in full health and completely sane. Once, he fell in a coma for a short time and I took him to hospital where he remained for a fortnight and later passed another two months in a specialised hospital. He regained his senses to the full but an artery close to his ankle got blocked and he could not put his feet on the ground.

    He then returned home. At about 10.00pm I was really broken-hearted when I heard him groaning due to the pain he was suffering. My cousin, Nina, that night had come to sleep at my home. "What are we going to do?" she asked. I immediately placed the scapular of Our Lady of Girgenti under the cushion on which his foot was resting and crossed his foot with some Lourdes water. I then went in front of the statue of Our Lady of Girgenti and implored, "Holy Mother, I know that my father is 90 years old. I only ask that I will be capable of caring for him up to his death and not send him to an elderly people's home. Therefore, I implore that through your intercession he rests his foot on the floor. You know that my left hand is not in good health and if he is bedridden I will be unable to care for him." When I finished this prayer, Nina and I started reciting the rosary. To my amazement, the moaning stopped after the first decade and my father fell asleep.

    At about midnight, my father woke up and told us, "A Sister wearing a white dress came to my side and now I am feeling really well." Nina told him, "Uncle, you must have seen me wearing a white nightdress!" "No," he replied, "it can't be because you do not wear a veil on your head." I said to myself that he must be feverish. I took his body temperature and he was normal. "You see," he told me, "I told you that I am well."

    My father fell asleep again and we followed suit. At about six o'clock in the morning he woke up and told us, "the Sister came through that door (where I have the statue) and stayed here beside me. How come you did not see her?" I asked him, "Father, did she tell you anything?" "Of course she did! She told me, 'In the morning before you take your tea get out of your bed and start walking. Do not be afraid, you will not fall, I will be beside you.' And I am going to get down you know!" With the swiftness of a young man he turned his legs and placed them on the ground. I quickly gave him his walking aid. He started walking after being bedridden for two months and a half. After a week, his leg which had been extremely swollen, got back to normal. My father lived for another year and he was no burden to me, just as I had prayed to the Blessed Virgin.

    I feel that it was the Blessed Virgin herself who came and cured my father. He was a truely good man. When sometimes he used to be slightly ill and I used to ask him, "Dad, do you feel like saying the rosary?" He used to reply, "The Holy Mother did not tell us, 'recite the rosary only when you feel like it but she just said, 'recite the rosary.' Therefore let us pray!"

    Robert Mifsud from Sliema declares as follows: I, Robert Mifsud from Sliema, Malta, would like to share with you the following true story which happened last July. My family and I went for a holiday in Gozo. On Thursday, July 24th we went for a swim at Xlendi Bay. After some time, I was bitten by two jellyfish and the pain and the burning sensation I felt were something out of this world. My wife had some spray with her. She sprayed on the inflamed parts but it was of no relief, the pain was still there and it was extreme. Later we went to our flat and I placed some ice on the wounds. Only then did I feel some comfort, but not fully. That night I could sleep, but the pain persisted.

    Until Sunday I kept medicating myself with creams but I can say that I worsened my condition because the wounds turned scarlet red and were painful. I was getting worried because everything remained unchanged until the following Wednesday. That day I decided to go to the Pharmacy but when I saw a long queue of people waiting, I changed my mind. I then turned my thoughts to the water I had taken from Girgenti. I opened the cupboard, took the water and sprinkled the two wounds with it. From the moment when I sprinkled the water on the wounds up to this day (13/08/2003), they did not bother me any more. Thank you Lord, thank you Blessed Virgin.

    France Borg of Imsida reported the following incident: I work in a Supermarket. I had heard about Our Lady of Consecration but it took me quite some time to discover the locality of the shrine. When I found the place and went on a visit, I felt great happiness within me. Brother Victor, of Stella Maris College, Gzira, had told me that the prayer meetings are organised on the fifth of each month. It was impossible for me to attend on such dates and I prayed to the Blessed Virgin that if it pleases her that I attend such meetings, she will tell Guza to organise the meetings on the First Sunday of the month.

    The following Monday, Bro. Victor visited my place of work and I told him what I had requested the Blessed Virgin. He smiled and told me it was not possible to fulfill my request because Guza has had several similar pleas from members of the Committee but she never accepted. He also told me that that evening they were having another meeting at Girgenti.

    The following day, Tuesday, Bro. Victor called on me again and explained that on arriving at Girgenti, Guza had declared that the prayer meetings will in the future be organised on the First Sunday of each month. He also told me that when he heard Guza making such an announcement he started saying, "The Blessed Virgin has heard France's request."

    I attended the next prayer meeting. I must also declare that Guza and myself had never met. We did not know each other. There were about fifty people at the shrine and I was in their midst. When Guza arrived and descended the stairs, she came towards me. When she arrived by my side, she told me, "What are you doing here?" With tears in my eyes, I answered, "You brought me here!" She replied, "I congratulate you, because you are the good thief. Do not change!"

    Theresa Sacco from Hal-Ghaxaq reports as follows: In August 2003, I felt pain in my side. I thought that the fan was giving me chills. In October I visited my doctor and he sent me to hospital for some tests. It resulted that I had breast and lung cancer. One can imagine how I felt; I felt helpless and did not know whom I should consult for help. The Blessed Virgin of Girgenti came to mind and I went to the shrine and prayed. I got to know that prayer meetings are organised every first and third Sunday of the month. As from that time, I rarely missed going to Girgenti to ask the Blessed Virgin to help me.

    With the grace of God and the help of the Blessed Mother, today I feel that I am living a normal life and as declared by the Professor in a certificate attached to this letter, it appears that all signs of my illness are absent. Therefore I thank God and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin for granting me this grace.

    The certificate signed by Dr. Stephen Brincat states as follows: This lady suffering from metastasis left breast has had a good remission and is now symptom free with no signs of disease.

    S. M. from Marsascala reports the following: I thank God that by the intercession of Our Lady of Consecration I no longer utter words which offend God and the Blessed Virgin. Instead, I now continuously praise God and His Holy Mother. I thank you Holy Mother for this spiritual cure.

    John Parnis from Birzebbugia wrote the following: Some time ago I suffered from a blocked nose and from pain above my eyes. I went to the Outpatient Department and was informed that I had large nasal polyps which were blocking my nasal passages and causing breathing difficulties. The doctor told me that I needed to undergo surgery and wanted to fix an appointment with Mr. Grixti Soler, a specialist. In the meantime I prayed to Our Lady and used the water which I had taken from the shrine at Girgenti.

    When I visited the specialist, he asked me what medicine I was using and I told him that I was only utilizing Girgenti water. When I visited him the second time he told me that the polyps were withering independently and that I did not need to undergo surgery. Although he gave me some spray yet I have never used it. I thank God for the graces I have received by the intercession of Our Lady of Girgenti.

    J. Saliba from Zejtun reports the following: During one of the prayer meetings at Girgenti, I had requested some prayers for my son's needs because he frequently used to lose his job and start swearing.

    A week after the prayer meeting, he started working with a contractor and was very happy. He also told me that his employer does not want anyone to blaspheme whilst working. I was really pleased because I argued that now he would pay attention and stop swearing. In fact my son no longer blasphemes and has become a very prudent person.

    I had also requested prayers for my daughter's friend. She had visited various doctors to try and have a baby but these had told her that she could not have children. I sent her a holy picture and a scapular of Our Lady of Consecration. She stuck the picture on her refrigerator and used to pray to the Blessed Virgin. After about a fortnight my daughter phoned me up and told me, "Mummy, a miracle has occurred. Ever since you gave the holy picture to my friend, she has become pregnant!" Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Mother.

    Coronata Refalo from Xaghra, Gozo sent the following report: In October 1990 my son had an accident with his motor bike. He was in a very critical and life-threatening condition, but thanks be to God he is now normal.

    After my son's accident I met Camena Muscat who used to organise trips for Gozitans to attend the prayer meetings organised by Guza Mifsud at Girgenti. Carmena had taken a crucifix with her and given it to Guza. Guza took the crucifix, held it in her hand, looked up at Heaven and then gave it back to Carmena. She told her, "Take it, this has been blessed by the Blessed Virgin and the person you mentioned will not remain in coma for a long time, he will soon start speaking again."

    Carmena came knocking at my door at about ten o'clock at night. She gave me the crucifix and told me what Guza had told her, that is that he will not remain in coma for a long time and that soon he will start talking again.

    I told Carmena, "That would be nice because today I was told that he is being sent back to Gozo because there is nothing else they can do for him." There was no need for him to remain further in the Maltese hospital even though the doctors still had not diagnosed his condition - half of his body was still not functioning well.

    I took the crucifix which Carmena had given me to hospital and touched my son's head with it. When the following day I visited my son, I was told that an X Ray would be taken. It resulted that he had a clot of blood in his head and the doctors decided to remove it by surgery. They thought it was the cause of his problem. Therefore, he was kept in Malta for further tests.

    I went to Carmena's house and told her that my son was going to undergo head surgery. I started crying and Carmena told me, "Do not worry, there is already a ray of light in Guza's message." Following surgery my son's condition improved and on March 19, 1991, he started talking again and by time regained his health.

    We thank God and Our Lady of Consecration for this great "miracle" and we also thank Guza Mifsud for the message she had delivered.

    Mary Lilian Scifo from Siggiewi wrote the following report: On June 21, 1987, my son Araon who at the time was ten years old, was hit by a motor bike when returning home from school. Some people came to give me the news and when I arrived on the spot I found my son in a pool of blood.

    He was taken to hospital and the Professor asked me to sign some forms because my son's condition was life threatening. He promised that he will do his best to save my son's life.

    With great faith I told him that God is above all and if it is God's will he will live. Surgery took nine hours and afterwards my son was in a comatose state for about fifty days.

    I visited Guza and told her what had happened. She told me not to lose heart because it could be that the Blessed Virgin would grant me back my son. I used to visit him twice daily. Everyone was praying for him and many people used to phone me up but sometimes I did not feel like answering the phone – I was too tired and in great sorrow. It was difficult for me to be brave when I used to see him in that condition but I never lost my faith.

    Once when I arrived home the telephone rang. I did not feel like answering but due to its persistent ringing I answered. It was Guza Mifsud who told me that Our Lady of Girgenti had told her that my son was coming out of the coma and asked me to pray three Hail Marys with her. I plucked up courage and arrived at the hospital earlier than usual. When I arrived at the ITU the Professor told me that my son was coming out of the coma and his condition was improving. I started crying with joy. When I went near him I found him eating and drinking but he did not recognize me. The Professor told me that probably he would not walk again. But I told him, "Once he overcame the other problem, with the Blessed Virgin's help he will overcome this problem as well." In fact he did, his condition kept improving and was released from hospital on August 5th.

    Tessie Barthet from St. Paul's Bay reported the following: My niece was confined to a wheelchair for quite a long time because she could not walk. She is thirteen years old and lives in North Carolina, America. Her parents took her as far as New York and Miami to undergo specialised medical tests. On the day she was to have a blood test taken, I went to Girgenti with another group of people from Ibragg and I prayed for her to the Blessed Virgin. When I arrived home I received a telephone call and was informed that my niece was in good health and had already started walking. The result of the blood test had not yet been issued.

    I thank God for this grace which was granted to me through the intercession of Our Lady of Consecration.

    J. Z. from Birkirkara reports as follows: I would like to share my life's experiences in order to help and encourage other readers of this leaflet. I was brought up in a good family and passed the first few years of my life in a very serene manner. Like any other boy I attended school, catechism classes and frequented the sacraments.

    When I was nineteen I started taking drugs - I wanted to experiment things in life. At first I felt that what I was doing was wrong, but by time I quieted my conscience. My parents were sorely troubled but I was only interested in pleasing myself. Notwithstanding, my parents and my brothers and sisters, were always ready to help me and prayed for me to get back on the right track. Since I needed the money to buy drugs, I even started selling drugs. Initially I felt some remorse but then I argued that if others did not buy the drugs from me they would buy them from someone else.

    However, I can state that I never completely excluded the Blessed Virgin from my life. I used to pray so that she would protect me and my family. I had a holy picture of the Blessed Virgin and I always kept it upon me. I can say that despite my way of life, yet I always felt the help of the Virgin Mary. In fact, although sometimes I was so dazed by drugs that I would lean over the steering wheel while driving or suffered from hallucinations, yet I never injured myself or anybody else.

    I used to go out with a lot of girls. I did this just for fun and used to have a new girl every few days. But then I met my present girlfriend. She knew that I took drugs but was afraid to ask me to stop because she liked me and was afraid that she would lose me if she did so. But then, by time, she started urging me to refrain from drugs. When we used to go out together, my 'friends' tried to persuade her to take drugs too, but I always dissuaded her. After some months my girlfriend told me that she was pregnant. Those were difficult times because I felt many conflicts within me - I wanted to stop taking drugs, to find work but above all I wanted to give a good upbringing to my child. I struggled and prayed heartily to the Blessed Virgin for help. I wanted to stop taking drugs without undergoing any rehabilitation programme. Therefore my first step was to cut all contacts with my friends. I repeat that those were difficult times - the conflicts I felt within me did not cease but I was determined not to give in.

    I prayed even more and started reciting the rosary. I was then enveloped by great fear. I did not know its origin but I wanted to fight this fear and felt that I should go to confession and read the Bible to learn how to live its message. I found a priest who helped me immensely and I plucked up a lot of courage. When my daughter was born, I continued to strengthen my determination that I wanted to remain bold and not give in to any temptation. I continuously prayed to the Blessed Virgin to help me and even to the Holy Spirit to enlighten me and give me the strength to resist. In the meantime I had found a part time job. At first it was difficult for me to accept the fact that I was working under somebody else's control, but I was determined to continue improving my way of life. I found another job which I carry out in the evening. This too was another grace because I had spoken to a person asking him to phone me if he needed help. He took my number rather reluctantly but by God's will he phoned me up about two hours later and asked me whether I was interested to start work that evening. I could not go that day because I was with my daughter at the doctor's clinic, but I started work the following day.

    Since I do not work on Mondays, I go and pray in the Church dedicated to Our Lady of Tal-Herba, where there is a large painting of Our Lady holding the child Jesus in her arms. Although I cannot receive Holy Communion yet I attend mass every Sunday. I do not pray only for me and my family, but I pray for everyone with more emphasis on spiritual rather than material needs. I want to pass on to others that which I have achieved. I know I cannot save the world, but where possible I always try to help because otherwise my conscience will trouble me.

    Little by little I felt that I was maturing in my spiritual life. It is a difficult process and takes time but I never lost hope because I always felt the Blessed Virgin's help. I overcame every temptation but faced a new problem. It was as if I started hearing blasphemy. I never used to blaspheme and was very worried when such horrible titles about Our Lady whom I loved so much came to my mind. I continued to pray and within me I felt that I should not fear because such thoughts were not my own. When I visited again the Church of Tal-Herba, I saw the leaflet The Voice of Girgenti. It was an old copy, issued in 2007, but the words I read in the leaflet that, " the devil tries to steal Christ's presence from our hearts" were the answer to my feelings at the time. These words filled me with great courage and continued to strengthen my determination not to give in.

    I wanted to keep on maturing in the Lord. The letters of Saint Paul helped me a great deal. St. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians says, "By reason of the exceeding greatness of the revelations, that I should not be exalted excessively, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to torment me, that I should not be exalted excessively. Concerning this thing, I begged the Lord three times that it might depart from me. He has said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Most gladly therefore I will rather glory in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest on me." I acknowledge the fact that I am weak and because I am weak I do my utmost to turn towards the Lord Jesus since true strength lies in Him and not in what the world offers.

    I thank God and the Blessed Virgin for all that they did in my life. Now I am twenty five years old and will soon get married. I am really looking forward to embrace the sacrament of marriage so that my family will be fully blessed with Christ's grace.

    I do not have any certificates witnessing my cure, but the spiritual graces and the guidance given to me by the Blessed Virgin were strong enough to lead me from a life of sin to a new life united with her son and Our Lord Jesus Christ. I am certain that our first step is always made by our Mother Mary who is also our advocate.

    My message towards those who have succumbed to some vice and to their parents is the following: never lose heart. Pray and trust in God. Jesus himself says, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Perhaps we are not always granted what we ask for, but it is certain that we receive what in God's wisdom is best for us. I thank you Holy Mother for always loving me and drawing me closer to your Son Jesus. Keep on helping me and all mankind so that we remain strong when confronted with life's tribulations.

About Us

The Movement of Our Lady of Consecration was founded by Guza Mifsud in 1987 mainly to spread devotion towards the new title “Our Lady of Consecration”. Notwithstanding Guza’s demise in 1996, the Committee still organises prayer meetings and is also always pleased to offer its assistance to those who visit the shrine at Girgenti and Guza’s house in Siggiewi, Malta.