Apparitions Various Saints

"You must become a warrior to defend Malta, to defend the Eucharist and to defend the message given by Our Lady... Now you must... wear the breast-plate, the helmet and the sword because many will rise against you, but since the Lord God and Our Lady have promised that they will be with you nobody can harm you."

St. Michael the Archangel to Guza Mifsud

The Apparitions - Various Saints


  • Guza claims that besides the visions she had of the Blessed Virgin, she even had other visions of various saints and holy souls, including Saint Michael, Saint Joseph, St. Therese, Saint Padre Pio and others.

    Saint Michael

    During the November 13, 1991 prayer meeting, Guza stated the following: "I tell you that in the past I had a revelation from that blessed angel Saint Michael. I saw him on a cloud close to where I had seen Our Lady of Life in the Girgenti valley. When I saw him I froze. He was a mysterious person, adorned with divine heavenly attributes. He led the war in heaven against those evil spirits who rebelled against God and he chased them out of heaven. This was done by the holy and blessed warrior, archangel Saint Michael... He told me, 'You must become a warrior to defend Malta, to defend the Eucharist and to defend the message given by Our Lady... Now you must... wear the breast-plate, the helmet and the sword because many will rise against you, but since the Lord God and Our Lady have promised that they will be with you nobody can harm you."'

    During the May 17, 1992 meeting, Guza stated on during the night of Saturday, January 11, 1992, "The time is quarter to three in the morning and I have just had a beautiful vision... I saw Saint Michael. He looked beautiful and holy. He was wearing a helmet, had a sword at his waist and he was so beautifully dressed that his suit looked like diamonds. He urged me to keep on working with all my might and with all the power afforded to me by God. He told me, The Lord God of Hosts is helping you greatly. You feel shattered and yet He uses you as a warrior, as I had foretold. When the time comes I will wage a great war against satan. I do not fear satan. I shall destroy the dragon's seven heads that you have recently talked about. Perhaps the time may soon come when I shall free the world of the devil. Pray to God, pray hard that we may destroy this monstrous devil, this evil dragon which was thrown out of heaven when, using the arms afforded to me by God, I fought with him. Now he is attacking the world very harshly so that many souls would enjoy with him the abyss of Hell.....

    He told me, 'Take heart and be the most powerful army defending Jesus in the Eucharist. I will not say a warrior but the best army defending Jesus. By your deeds you show that your heart is not of iron or bronze towards the Lord, you opened your heart wide open to receive all that has been told and given to you by Jesus both in the past and presently. I shall keep on urging you to show great faith and strength in all that God is doing with you, by using the power of preaching. Although you are at home, yet, many benefits issue from that house...

    I am sharpening the sword you are seeing in my hand... with God's wisdom so that I will use it again against the wicked devil who committed evil acts in God's holy city. With the powerful hand granted to me by God, I chased the dragon and his followers from heaven.' As I have already said, this dragon was supported by many other rebellious spirits who fought long and hard but were defeated by Saint Michael... who now wants to wage another war in our world... so that the dragon will be driven into Hell from where he would never return..."

    Saint Padre Pio

    Guza claimed to have seen Saint Padre Pio on various occasions. On February 11, 1987, she saw him wearing the habit of a Capuchin monk, but he was not an old man as in the holy picture she has of him in her house, but as a young and handsome person.

    He showed her his hands, saying, "Because of these hands with Christ's stigmata, I suffered greatly as you are doing, but you suffer even more because of the hidden wound nobody knows about except God and the Lady of Life... You are so enthusiastic about wanting to work for Our Lady... Your mission is succeeding not only in your island but throughout the world... Those who seek to despise you, their attempts reach unto God, but they cannot harm you because God is with you, Our Lady supports you. She shows you such beautiful and holy things... you've seen so many holy saints through Our Lady's favour and then she has even allowed you to see souls engulfed in the darkness of sin... Dearest sister in Christ, Guza, for as long as you live continue to suffer gladly, humble yourself, because this is the great value to Malta, Gozo and the world — this message reaches even areas where conflict rages.

    Dearest sister in Christ, Guza, those who utter lies about you, they will be found out and blamed — just as those who spoke against me, saying, 'Padre Pio, what's Our Lady telling you in the cellar' And I used to answer, 'Our Lady tells me many beautiful things, but you don't believe what she tells me. However, not too much time will pass before you realize your mistake... the fault will lie with you.'... Some time after I said that... a huge earthquake occurred... So those who try to tease or worry you, those who to their shame use indecent expressions about Our Lady... know that they will not harm you because the hand of God's providence and the powerful hand of Our Lady are guiding you... Those who are too clever by half, in Malta and Gozo and elsewhere, all of them must die, today or tomorrow or the day after that, if not this year next year, but whenever, they still have to come in the presence of that Majestic look, merciful or angry...

    Dear sister, I earnestly wish you'll continue to spread Our Lady's message... take courage, and strengthen the resolve of your helpers, Maltese as well as Gozitans, so that the promised church will finally be erected. In that temple... many wonderful things will happen... Guza, I shall end my vision now... I see you are sad and worried, but never lose heart because... there are very many people of good will who daily pray for you to spread the message which Our Lady gives you from the heights of Heaven...

    Guza, sister in Our Lady and in the Lord, I wish you to pray the Provident hand of God to bless your country, to bless Italy where I used to live, and the entire world especially those lands where there are many sinners and godless people. There are many people of good will too, His Holiness the Pope, the Church, priests and you the people chosen by God. Persist in spreading the message and not just in your country but everywhere so that God's omnipotent hand will bless Malta, Gozo and the whole world. I shall pray for you in Heaven so that God will continue to bless you."

    Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus

    In 1989, Guza claimed to have had various visions of Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus. She saw her wearing a white cape, near her stood a white flowering plant and the saint was embracing the Cross that Guza has in "Our Lady's Chapel". Guza states that St. Theresa told her, "You are alive through the sustenance of the Eucharist. Do not be saddened. Pray and tell Jesus that you are offering yourself as a martyr for today's illnesses. It is impossible to cure your disease, it is a disease by which your bones crumble and causes unbearable pain. On this Cross lay many flowers, one flower for every month you reckoned you should have died, and still you are alive. Your death is in God's hand, you must resign yourself... because God is melting hearts of steel. When suffering comes from God and it is willingly accepted, hearts made of granite are transformed into humane hearts."

    Saint Catherine Labouré

    Then in 1991, exactly on December 30, Guza states that she had had another vision of Saint Catherine Labouré. Guza reports the following: "She was a peasant girl like me and the Blessed Virgin called her to enter a monastery. In a vision I had of this saint, she told me: "Like you I kept everything to myself. I only told my confessor about the lovely virtues or contacts or inspirations which the Blessed Virgin used to give me... Only my confessor knew about the contacts with Our Lady of Life as you call her."

    Catherine Labouré, told me that even she suffered some persecutions and injustices but she told me: "I haven't suffered as much as you because in my time there was more faith. There wasn't this indifference. Not even those who should help you, that is priests, they are not helping you... Now the world is in a very disordered situation. The devil is confusing many by indifference, lack of faith, lack of love. This makes people cause more injustices to the good deeds which the Blessed Virgin by God's will brings down from Heaven. But this should not discourage you... You are much more better off than I was because I was not alone, there were many other eyes with me in the convent. Now you are enclosed in your house, no one sees you, you are suffering greatly in your soul and you are suffering terribly in your body because the Lord Jesus, as you say, is making you pass through the roads of Calvary as He Himself passed carrying the heavy cross. It has pleased the Virgin Mary to help you in this cross by her visions, by the revelations she has given you."... I tell you that this saint at first appeared to me as a young girl of about seven years. However, these things do not frighten me. This young girl told me: "You are always alone, that is why we keep you company. We come from Heaven to keep you company... You have no one who comforts you and you are being comforted by souls from the other world."

    A few seconds later, this soul chosen by the Blessed Virgin told me: "The Lord gave you a long life so that all through this time you will keep resisting the many enemies you have. You have suffered many persecutions, you suffered many injustices, but I cannot tell you and explain all the good you have performed in these ten years. When we are close to the Lord and very near to our mother Mary, we know all that is passing through holy souls... You are suffering spiritually and you are suffering even materially in that you have no one with whom to make contact because you don't dare to say certain things. No one is aware of the sufferings which a soul chosen by the Blessed Virgin and the Lord endures on earth. Only she knows, no one can understand her. You are greatly asking Heaven to help you but there are many souls in the world who are of good will and are praying for you. Even in Heaven there are many spirits chosen by God through the Blessed Virgin who are praying for you. I tell you to keep encouraging yourself in these last times of your life... You are a victim for the forgiveness of everyone's sins, not only of your country but even of foreign lands. You offer your sufferings for the needs of those who are Godless, who do not think about God, who do not have trust in God, who do not adore God and you are doing this without anyone in the world being aware of what you are doing."

    She said: "They cannot understand you. I too suffered terribly because my only contacts were with the Blessed Virgin and my confessor. However, great miracles were performed by the miraculous medal which the Blessed Virgin wanted to promote from this convent. The Blessed Virgin permitted that no one knew what was happening because envy and hatred exist even in convents. I was instructed not to tell anyone about what was happening."...

    Saint Joseph

    Finally one must also say that Guza claims to have had various visions of Saint Joseph. She states, "Today it is Saturday, the last day of September 1995... First I had a contact with the Lord Jesus of the Eucharist together with Our Lady of Life, then I met my patron saint, Saint Joseph... I had also seen Saint Joseph on October 6, 1993. I had gone up to my family's farmhouse at Girgenti which is now being managed by my brother's children. My nephew told me: 'You cannot walk there because I have just watered it.' As soon as I stepped in this field my legs sank nearly up to my knees but at that time I had a very beautiful vision. Near me I saw holy Saint Joseph who placed his walking stick in my hand. This walking stick was very large and beautiful, it was nearly taller than myself. If it wasn't for holy Saint Joseph I would have fallen into the valley but I survived and I am alive up to this day. He told me that up there (at Girgenti) I must place his statue so that I would arouse devotion towards him. Now I shall mention something from that which !felt and heard from him today. I saw him so divine, his tunic was so beautiful and in his right hand, he had the divine child. This divine child was so beautiful. I often saw Our Lady holding baby Jesus but I tell you that the dress with which I saw baby Jesus today was mostly pink in colour. In his other hand, he had a stick on which there was a beautiful while lily.

    Saint Joseph told me: 'My daughter, the power of the Lord permitted many beautiful and divine things. In the past, when we were on earth, that is, when Our Lady of Life together with the Lord Jesus as you call them and myself were on earth, trouble and evil were also present. Envy led the Son of God who came to give peace to the world and to unite all people with love to be put to death.'

    Saint Joseph continued telling me: 'At this time the whole world is undergoing a great Calvary of darkness, of evil: merciless people, people who invent darkness, wars, people who instead of showing mercy like brethren they rather use the instruments of Calvary through which the world is passing, great and ugly instruments of war, many kind people are being killed, innocent people are being removed so that these violent people, these people whose heart is as hard as bronze will rule in their stead.'

    I heard him telling me: 'Pray much for the needs of the Church, for the needs of the representatives of the Church, especially for the Pope. Representatives (leaders) of states oppose good, they do not respect good and they are killing and setting aside many people of good will. I tell you that these things are happening nearly everywhere, in all the world, because none of them call upon Almighty God, so that God will reign first and foremost. I tell you that many of them do not even know Him'....

    He told me: 'Mention peace continuously, put aside your illnesses and speak often about peace. The Lord Jesus came into the world to bring peace. The Blessed Virgin is appearing to bring peace to the world. Keep on preaching about peace. Behave amongst you as brothers and sisters so that the true peace will come from Heaven, the peace of God and not the destruction there is in the world: evil sects, devastation of the devil. Presently the power of Hell is at its best but I tell you that notwithstanding everything the devil will not succeed. You, Maltese, who are of good will, who are united to the Catholic Church, pray and be vigilant. The world still has to undergo this destruction for some time, it still has to undergo the darkness brought about by the devil who is inventing these wars and trouble, urging souls who surround him to do evil. That is what the spirit of darkness is doing right now, he is urging and inciting ill-will in those cruel hearts who do not want to have anything to do with God's love.'

    Saint Joseph went on telling me: 'Pray much as you are doing and urge all those who support you to pray, so that almighty God will hear the fervour of your prayers and if something is to befall Malta, the Lord would prevent it from happening as He did on other occasions.'

    Then he told me: 'It pleased the divine power of God together with the world to make me together with the Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin protector of the Catholic Church, the true Church of God because there are many churches in which God's will is not present. Besides, I also take much care of those souls who are of good will and I draw them very close to the infinite justice of God, of Jesus in the Eucharist. I am the protector of the dying, I place the dying before the mercy of God and that of His son Jesus."'...

    Further information may be obtained from the series of books entitled 'The Founding of a New Titular'.

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The Movement of Our Lady of Consecration was founded by Guza Mifsud in 1987 mainly to spread devotion towards the new title “Our Lady of Consecration”. Notwithstanding Guza’s demise in 1996, the Committee still organises prayer meetings and is also always pleased to offer its assistance to those who visit the shrine at Girgenti and Guza’s house in Siggiewi, Malta.